5 Most Common Summertime Personal Injuries  

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Accidental injuries can happen to anyone at any time, hence the term “accidental”. Unfortunately, they’re so common that they’re consistently listed annually as the third leading cause of death for Americans. But while they’re #3 for the majority of Americans, accidental injuries are the leading cause of death for kids 19 and younger. Depending on the accident itself, the personal injuries and resulting treatment can range from a scrape not even requiring a band-aid to head trauma or a severe injury requiring extensive or ongoing hospitalization. Knowing the most common summertime personal injuries can help you and your loved ones avoid them entirely or at least minimize the damage.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

Warmer weather and two-wheeled vehicles just seem to go hand-in-hand. While the freedom and adventure are wonderful, non-passenger vehicles of any kind are far less visible on the road than passenger vehicles. They’re also open and generally lightweight. Drivers of cars need to be more attentive to non-passenger modes of transportation. But the best thing any type of cyclist can do is use the right safety equipment during the riding season.

Sports and Playground Injuries

Sports and playgrounds are great ways to keep kids away from the video game consoles in the summer and help them burn off extra energy. But they’re also a major cause of personal injuries. Falls from playgrounds are reported in tens of thousands of emergency room visits. And playing sports without the wrong safety equipment can easily lead to head trauma. Any blow to the head requires at least a checkup from a medical professional. Always be sure to access the equipment and make sure your kids are using it correctly before setting them loose.

Swimming and Pool Accidents

Approximately 10 people die every day from drowning, and young kids account for 20% of those deaths. Drowning is the 5th most common cause of unintentional fatalities in America, regardless of age. Even if lifeguards are on duty, parents are around, and safety equipment is inside the water, slips are bound to happen. Fatalities aren’t always the case, thankfully. But serious accidents like broken bones, spinal injuries, and brain injuries are common. Slow down and pay attention to reduce the injuries around water sources.

Boating Accidents

Boating is an easy and entertaining way to enjoy warm summer days with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common causes of personal injuries, especially when alcohol’s involved. A few beers may seem like a summertime treat, but they can turn a dream day on the water into a disastrous one. Heat intensifies alcohol effects and according to U.S. Coast Guard, approximately 80% of boating-related fatalities in 2016 alone were due to drowning. So regardless of how well someone on the boat believes they tread water, insist everyone wears a life jacket and keep the booze for later.

Car Accidents

The most dangerous days annually on the road are between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Alcohol is a guaranteed part of summer, but while you can’t control anyone else’s behavior on the road you can control your own. So avoid drinking and driving at all costs, keep your eyes on the road where they belong instead of on technology, and always have the number of a competent Michigan injury accident attorney on hand. It just might save your life.