5 Rummy Rules a Card Player Must Never Forget

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The cards game rummy is a popular pastime. It has several variations and people all around the world enjoy playing it. The aim of the game is to create valid sequences and sets and minimize the points in had to zero, and declare for a win.

However, there are certain rules to follow to achieve the goal of the game and below we have listed 5 rummy rules to never forget.

  1. Number of Cards for Set/Sequence

You can make a pure sequence, set, or a regular sequence of either 3 cards or 4 cards. Anything more or less is unacceptable. Even if you have 5 rummy cards that together to form a sequence, you have to do away with the additional card, or use it elsewhere.

  1. Draw Pile and Discard Pile

The closed deck is known as a draw pile. Here, you pick the cards. This pile of cards is not visible to anyone. The cards which are discarded by players are seen to everyone. The pile of cards on a rummy tournament board, which you can see, is thus a discard pile.

  1. Playing a Move

Each player gets a turn to play a card. Either the player draws a card from discard or draws pile, or throws a card in the discard pile. It is almost impossible to receive cards in rummy online that already form a pure sequence; such luck is seen only in offline games.

  1. Importance of a Joker Card

A joker is like a wild card. It replaces any card that you do not have to make a sequence or a set. There are two types of joker in Indian rummy, firstly it is a face card/blank card you already have in the deck, and secondly it is the card picked as joker, from the closed deck.

  1. Pure Sequence and a Set

When you have formed all the needed sequences/sets in a 13 card rummy game, declare the game and call for a show. A pure sequence must not be less than 3 cards of the same suit. It should not have a joker. A joker can be utilized for a set. A set is a formation of 3 or 4 cards that are of the same face value.

  1. Dropping a Game

Remember, when you drop a game, it will cost you points. The number of points it costs you, depends on two factors: A) how soon you leave the game B) the rummy platform you play on. If you leave the game before playing any move or after the 1st or 2nd move, it will cost you lesser points than dropping out late. Usually, players drop a game if they have a bad hand.

Below given are some more facts about an online rummy game.

  • You can play rummy online for cash and earn a handsome amount. This is not gambling. It is legal to play the game on internet in India.
  • The cards of other players will not be visible to you. If they pick a card from discard pile, it is only then you will know that certain card. You can always use your gaming skills to predict the cards of the rivals.
  • Every website that allows you to play rummy online will have different set of rules for points, decks, tourneys etc. It is best to acquaint with the platform before playing a game.
  • You can download the Khelplay Rummy app and play practice games, tournaments, watch video tutorials, read about the gaming tactics, and then take on difficult challenges.

Keep the above-given rules for rummy in mind, so that you can enjoy a smooth game.