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5 Self Study Tips for Every JEE Mains Aspirant

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the most vital and crucial tests for getting an admission in one of the reputed engineering colleges of your choice. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the parent body which conducts this exam on all India bases. Therefore, the sole aim of every candidate appearing for jee mains 2016 is to score a feasible mark which needs thorough preparation and intensive hard work.

1.      Self Study can help a Great Deal


Often the candidates presume that students who taking coaching from the renowned centers and hubs are mostly successful in such examinations. However to tell you the truth this is nothing more than a myth as coaching centers can only prove to be a guide. But the preparation has to be done by you. Don’t think that you are going to begin the preparation after filling jee mains 2016 applicationform. If you do that it will be too late and you will be left with nothing towards the end of the door.

2.      Self Motivation is Very Important


It is very important for the student to always remain self motivated all throughout the time. You should always sit down for studying with a positive frame of mind even though you are feeling the exam pressure somewhere down the line. Always try to raise the level of performance in the mock tests of the JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key which will increase your confidence.

3.      Setting a Strict Routine for Study


The last few days while going into the main exam of JEE Mains can be very stressful. Keep an eye on internet and other channels to remain updated with jee mains latest news regarding the issue of jee mains admit card and others. But you really want to score well, the first step will be to set a daily routine and follow it strictly without any negligence. Just take the following steps

  • You need to fix the time for the study hours and the duration of break.
  • Divide your slot intelligently giving ample time for learning, practicing the mathematics problems, revising the lessons and important formulas and lastly covering all the topics for the day.
  • It is important to take short breaks in between. Eating healthy and nutritious food and getting adequate sleep at night is also a part of your routine
  • Do not depend on coaching center completely. Go through jee mains syllabus of all the subjects to see that nothing is left for preparation or revision.

4.      Selection of the Books or Study Materials


The selection of the books and the relevant study materials for jee mains 2016 exam becomes exceedingly important as you are opting for the self study process. You can consult your teachers and even search on the internet to know which the optimal books for physics, chemistry and maths are. Always buy books from experienced writers or authors and reputed publishing houses.

  • Apart from that you can take adequate help from the internet and make keynotes.
  • You can find answers to questions which you cannot solve. After viewing jee mains 2015 question paper you can mark which important questions for 2016 are.
  • JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key helps in better analysis of your preparation and point out your weaker and stronger zones.


5.      Creation of a Self Study Group


A group study is always helpful and useful when preparing for such competitive exams as you can solve your problems easily in consultation with each other. By discussing the paper in group you can enhance your knowledge about the subject. You get to know about jee mains news from your friends.