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5 Tips to Remember to Maintain Dental Hygiene

Oral hygiene is an important part of our daily healthcare regime. This is something which is taught as one of the first steps towards a child’s independence in personal hygiene. Children feel great after they hold their first toothbrush, but it is the parents who ensure they religiously follow the routine for a healthy set of teeth. Health care products in India have become easy to purchase atZigy which is an online store and so you do not have to step out of your home to get the product of your choice.Improper dental care can lead to a numberof teeth and gum problems.There are anumber of other medical conditions that can also come along with improper dental health.Check out five things we can do to maintain dental care and health.

Brush your teeth regularly

It is important to inculcate the habit of brushing teeth every morning as you get up and at night before going to bed. If you do not brush a layer of plaque forms which has an umpteen number of germs. At Zigy you can order at the online medical store toothpaste like Dabur, Colgate which are easily available.

Choose the right brush

A very hard toothbrush is not the right choice. Hard brushes hurt the gums and cause gum injury.Choose soft brushes which will not hurt the gums and wear the tooth enamel away. Brushes for children also should be carefully chosen so that they do not hurt the tender gums of your child.

Use a good mouthwash

It is important to use a mouthwash after brushing your teeth so that the pH level of the mouth is maintained.A month wash can reach areas in the mouth that a brush cannot. This is important as it will protect against plaque, which can lead to a number of health conditions.You can purchase products like Listerine online which is available at Zigy.

It is important to floss

Most of us do not floss regularly and, in fact many don’t do it at all! The reason flossing is a must is because sometimes the food particles do not come out even after brushing. A floss will remove the particles which is very important for dental hygiene which in turn will protect against tooth decay.

In case you have undergone a rootcanal treatment or any other surgical condition you can purchase you medicine at the online medical store like Zigy.

Reduce your sugar intake

Sweets taste good but are they healthy? Sugary foods,caffine and fast foodis not good for your health and they are very bad for the teeth. The sugar causes plaque which is a white gooey substance that sticks on and stays causing germs to breed.Colas are bad as they are not only sugary but change the acidic content in the mouth.Leading to teeth corrosion, which needless to say is not good for oral hygiene.