A supply of filters for a multitude of machines

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When people think of filters, they may most often imagine an air filter for a HVAC unit or an oil filter for the family car. But these are just two examples of filters needed to operate a machine efficiently and to prolong the life of equipment. In the examples just given, an HVAC air filter serves two purposes. It keeps dirt and dust from accumulating onto the inner workings of the furnace and air conditioning. It also assists in air quality. The vehicle oil filter removes harmful contaminants from the lubricating oil of the engine.

In fact, most machines that move air or liquids through a machine will utilize a filtration system. The filter collects contaminants before coming in contact with machine parts. When contaminants build up over time, the filter is removed and cleaned or replaced. Dirt and other substances in lubricating oil can become abrasive and erode metal parts or create a sludge that prevents lubricating oil from moving through the system.

In some machines, the filter acts as a separator. In air compressor units, for example, condensate from the air compression process can mix with the lubricating oil. In these cases, an oil and water separator is used to remove water from the oil. This type of filtration system allows the water to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Air filtration provides a number of options as well. In areas where dust or dirt is especially heavy, fiberglass filter media may be used to collect a higher volume of contaminants. Pleated panel filters provide more surface area for dust collection. In some systems a roll of filter media is used for automatic replacement.

Companies running a number of machines often need a variety of filters to meet a variety of applications. A hydraulic filter may be needed to keep hydraulic fluid clean. Process filters may be needed for removing specific contaminants from liquids. A filter designed specifically for the machine is the best practice and ensures a longer lasting machine and a higher quality product.

Fortunately, there are dealers available who specialize in filtration systems and retain a large supply of filters in inventory. In Virginia, for example, an air filter supplier Richmond provides dozens of different types of air filters for HVAC and other applications. These filters range from simple paper air filters to high quality electrostatic filters.