Choosing the Right Oral Surgeon

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When your general dentist refers you to an oral surgeon, you may have many questions as what to look for in choosing the right one. Choosing the right oral surgeon for your needs depends on many factors but can include what type of procedure you need, your health considerations or your insurance benefits.

Type of Procedure

People are often referred to an oral surgeon for something as simple as wisdom tooth extractions to more complicated procedures such as jaw reconstruction. Regardless of the type of procedure, you want to ensure that the oral surgeon has an oral conscious sedation certification so that you can be comfortable during your procedure. Also, look for an oral surgeon that specializes in the type of surgery or reconstruction that you need.

Health Considerations

Depending on your overall health, there may be factors  that complicated oral surgery for you. Certain health conditions may require that you be in the hospital for the procedure in case special care becomes necessary, so finding an oral surgeon that is willing to work in this environment is necessary.

Insurance Benefits

Although insurance benefits should never be the primary factor in choosing to seek health care or in choosing a doctor, it is sometimes necessary to choose a doctor that is in-network with your insurance carrier in order to maximize on your benefits. Talking to the oral surgeon’s office about your coverage at your consultation appointment is an important step in making financial arrangements for your surgery.

Seeing an oral surgeon for a procedure can benefit your oral health in a variety of ways, but be careful to choose the right provider for your needs. Talking to others who have had the same surgery or reading patient reviews can help you determine where your needs will be best taken care of.