Communication Is Key: The Importance of Having the Right Communications System

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Before the invention of the telephone, business owners, or their employees had to deliver messages to customers or suppliers in person. Imagine having to endure the heat and humidity of South Florida, and possibly a summer shower, to place an order or make a cold call. Not only was it an inconvenience, but it also required dedicating man-power, that could have been otherwise been used, to the cause. While the telephone and internet have solved this issue, if you do not have an integrated communication system, you may not be maximizing your company’s potential to initiate and field contacts with customers and suppliers.

Maximizing Your Ability to Connect

Business communications systems can aid your business in ways that residential LAN lines simply cannot. A centralized communication network provides the ability to field and direct calls to the proper end-contact. For larger companies, an integrated communication system will allow members of your staff to communicate interdepartmentally without leaving their desk. Also, the ability to make and receive multiple calls maximizes time and increases productivity.

Different Features of Business Communications Systems

There are different types of systems and features, and choosing the right one for your company is key to ensuring that your investment is a good one. For larger companies, where many of the calls are likely to be internal or interdepartmental calls, a private branch exchange, or PBX, may be preferable to the more traditional public switched telephone network, otherwise known as a PSTN. The PBX system is set up to make internal calls as a primary function, and a special key, usually “9”, must be dialed to make an external call. These systems usually direct all incoming calls to one desk, and from there the call is transferred to the proper department. A telephone systems sales company, like DatelCorp, can help you to decide which system is the best for you.

Get Connected

Rather your company is a startup or well-established, a small business or a corporation, it is necessary that you have the equipment and system in place to handle your communications needs. In a time when consumers have more options than ever, every missed call is a missed opportunity.