Curriculum for Rescuing People in Confined Spaces

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There are stories on the news all the time of how people get trapped in confined spaces. From falling down manholes to mineshafts, situations arise. When individuals go through confined space rescue training, they know how to provide the needed rescue. A number of components are included in the curriculum.

Identifying Spaces

One of the first things covered in a confined space rescue training course is how to identify the confined space. This involves looking at spaces that are permitted and non-permitted. The various characteristics of a space also needs to be identified. By being able to do this, it will make it easier to understand what elements are surrounding the person as well as what can be used in order to rescue the person out of the situation they are in.

Rescue Operations

Various rescue operations will be covered. This includes identifying the duties of the rescuer and how to perform the rescue operations. Various atmospheres will be encompassed so a person is able to recognize potential problems. There may also be several requirements to perform the rescue, such as a lock out tag out or air monitoring. Rope rescue procedures will also be covered.

Caring for the Patient

It’s also important to look at how the patient will be cared for at all times during the rescue. The patient needs to be “packaged” so that they can get out of the confined space. Various forms of first aid may also need to be administered. If there is a group of individuals who need to be rescued, it will also be necessary to triage them on-site to determine who needs rescue efforts first.

Confined space rescue training is a complex course that includes a lot of components. However, at the end of the training, a person can be certified to help an organization in the event someone is trapped inside of a confined space.