Cyware: The Cyber Security Guide

Nowadays, we are witnessing a drastic increase in cyber attacks on both businesses and individuals. This has raised concerns about the cyber space security and experts have started giving their opinions and advice. For instance, recent ransomware attacks put a million number of machines at risk and numerous victims got ready to pay the demanded ransom to retrieve their data. If we analyze the situation, people got infected from this malware due to their innocence, lack of information about these threats, and installing an application from third-party app stores. Now, imagine a situation where people receive this news on their phone and are aware of these recent threats that are exploiting people’s innocence, would they fall for such attacks? Absolutely NO! and this is what exactly the Cyware mobile app does. It makes people aware of the latest threats and malware affecting computers worldwide.

In the era of the digital age, we completely depend on the World Wide Web and storage devices to do our work. In short, our day starts digitally and ends digitally. Hence, it is  time to be proactive and stay vigilant against the cyber attacks which are attacking us with a lion’s power and cheetah’s speed. However, for a general internet user, it is not possible to read hundreds and thousands of the articles published on the internet everyday to know about the current cyber space but not to worry – Cyware, the unique and cyber security mobile app is here to make your job easy. The elite team of professionals working at Cyware scan thousands of articles published on the internet and pick the pearls of real worth, summarizes the content in a crisp format and presents in the form of news cards. The readers can readily consume these short news and to know more about the article, they can click on the source link given below the card.

Modern cybersecurity is all about risk management – if people can identify the threats, they can mitigate the threats easily and this knowledge is important for general internet users. Cyware mobile app helps people about know these cyber risks by publishing the latest cyber space news and updates happening all over the world. Besides, the cyber security app is made for both normal users and professionals. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, this app presents the news of your interest. Cyber Security professionals get the news related to the emerging threats, innovation and research, breaches and incidents, security products and services, and the new cyber technologies. On contrary, the general internet users get the news related to malware and vulnerabilities, computer and internet security, mobile security, social media threats, identity theft, frauds and scams, Internet of Things and cyber glossary, which helps them to understand the jargons used in cyber space.

With different niche products, Cyware – the comprehensive cyber situational awareness platform is built to help people stay updated with the latest happenings in the cyber world. The Cyware mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. Download your personal cyber security assistant and be cyber aware.