Distance Learning- study at your own pace

Education opens up new doors and avenues; it helps develop our thinking and makes us more rounded individuals. Advances in technology over the last decade have helped set a platform to make quality education available to everyone. An alternative to the campus model, distance learning courses give a chance to those who are passionate about studying, but have some constraints and are unable to enroll in an on-campus course.

Pondicherry University is considered to be one of the best universities in India since its inception in 1985. The university set up the Directorate of distance education in 1995-96 and since then it’s been actively adding online courses to its distance learning program. The distance MBA program was added by Pondicherry University in 2004.

Get an online MBA

A Master’s degree in business administration is a professional degree and it prepares you to challenge and solve real-life industry issues. With graduates high in demand in the industry, arming yourself with an MBA degree can give your career a big boost. Our distance MBA program has enabled a lot of students who couldn’t enroll for the on-campus course pursue competitive, professional degrees right from the comfort of their homes

The advantage of having online courses and course material is that you are free to study whenever it is convenient to you. It gives the student enough time to pursue other activities along with their online MBA. Another advantage of pursuing a distance MBAprogram is that you are free to pursue it from any location, this opens up the program to a whole new range of students out there.

Online Courses

The online courses and course material has been designed keeping in mind that they’re distance learning courses. Students also have access to live lecture videos, which helps provide them with a full classroom experience. Pondicherry University also maintains faculty-moderated discussion threads that allow every student to interact one on one with their professors.

Need to enroll yourself for the distance MBA program? Just head to the Directorate of Distance Education and find the application form. Once you’ve filled the form, sent it back and transferred the course fee you will officially become a student of one of Pondicherry University’s distance learning courses.

Give your career a shot in the arm and apply for the distance MBA course. Our courses are designed to turn students into successful working professionals, who are able to tackle and solve real-life industry issues.