Ditch The Expensive B-school! Go For An Online MBA

You might be in a situation where you want to leave your job and pursue that master’s or an MBA. As enticing as it sounds, there’s a small chance of success. So, instead of blowing two or three years and thousands or lakhs of rupees on a graduate college, why not go for something more rewarding and cheaper?

Opt for distance learning, a smarter way of acquiring a degree without taking a break from your career.

Here’s why you should forget about that expensive business school and pursue an online MBA.

Business Schools Are Too Expensive

A full-fledged MBA in the best universities of India can cost you anywhere between Rs. 7.5 to Rs. 25 lakh and double that amount if you’re pursuing an MBA abroad. This is only the tuition fee and living expenses have to be covered separately. Whereas, an MBA via distance learning will cost you about Rs. 30, 000 to Rs. 50, 000. You also wouldn’t have to worry about travelling to college or paying for an accommodation.

Learning Independently is More Satisfying

The traditional school system can be quite a hassle to deal with, especially in India. In colleges, your teachers will push you to work and they’ll grade you based on their perception. For many, this can be highly de-motivating, causing students to lose their passion. An online MBA will give you the chance of studying by yourself. You have the chance to teach yourself, therefore making the experience much more satisfying. Deciding your own pace will help you learn faster and grasp concepts better.

Online MBAs are Faster

Taking distance learning courses are more beneficial, as they are shorter tenure than on-campus MBAs. An online MBA, for example, will only last from ten months to a year. Whereas, an MBA course in a business school can last anywhere from 18 months to two years. If you don’t wish to study for two years, go for an online MBA.

Now that you know how an online MBA can help you gain the same knowledge as a B-school but with more advantages, which system would you choose? The B-school, with a tedious schedule and high fees, or an online school, with a flexible system and low fees? The choice is yours.