Don’t Lose Your Important Data Anymore With Data Recovery Software

The need of data recovery software have improved vastly since the early days, due to computer systems being more common and people losing their data more frequently than ever. These software assist people in recovering their important files. Data can be lost because of any reason, whether it is mistakenly deleted or lost due to some unexpected situation such as lost partitions, formatted disk, corrupted drives, system crash, OS crash, hard disk crash, virus attacks etc.

One of the commonly used recovery software, which has gained a lot of popularity is the EaseUS Data recovery software. The software is able to help people in recovering their data, due to the simplified processes involved and an easy to navigate interface. The software makes full use of automated processes to reduce user’s involvement to the minimum and maximizing the output.


The software is available in four different variants, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE, and Technical. The first of these is the Free variant, which as the name suggests, is free of all costs. By downloading this version, the user can get the full taste of the potential of the software. All the features are enabled in this version and can be considered as a trial version of the software, which can offer you a glimpse of all the capabilities. The only limitation is that only 2 GB of data is available for the user to recover in this package. If a user wants to recover more, they need to purchase either of the three packages.

The Pro and Pro+WinPE packages are single-licensed and offers unlimited amount of recovery along with additional technical support to the user. The technical package features the same capability, however, it comes with a technical-license, which allows the user to distribute the software further to their family or acquaintances.


The scanning process of the software can be classified into two different parts, which are the quick scan mode and the deep scan mode. Both of these offer different advantages and capabilities to the user. The quick mode is a faster scan mode, which puts emphasis on cutting down the scanning time, while bringing forth more results. It scans the drive for data remnants, left by recently deleted files, which have been lost permanently and reconstructs the file.

After the results of this mode are displayed, the deep scan mode is automatically initiated. The person can choose to continue with the scanning or just cancel it, and recover from the results already shown. The deep scan mode is an advanced mode, which scans all files including system, inaccessible and hidden files. It also finds all data remnants and reconstructs all files from them and shows them to the user. As it processes a larger amount of files, it takes larger amount of time than the quick scan mode.

After the search ends, all the results are displayed and the user can easily choose to recover their files with one click. EaseUS Data recovery software can be considered to be one of the finest solution to your recovery problems, as it packs everything required within one package and if you wish to recover deleted files, it is a must to go for.