Dresses for Office Wear in the Winter

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Winter is coming! Go for fun professional work wear which flatters and covers you up just right. The choices of fabrics are plenty and the options of dresses online lie scattered around you. Let’s figure it out.

  • Layering: Draping a velvet fabric such as a duster over a sleeveless or half sleeved dress changes the entire outfit, adding a touch of sheen and glam to the professional work attire.
  • Classic: The classic combo of a white blouse and a black skirt can instead be replaced with that of a white bodice and a fitted black dress instead. This tends to be more comfortable and can be easily worn along with a yarn shrug to give a classy and edgier look.
  • Turtleneck dresses are cosy, warm and snugly. They are found in different patterns, patch work, colours and when paired with knee high boots; look extremely professional and appealing.
  • Jumpsuits: Playsuits and jumpsuits have their own line of differences but professional jumpsuits are the new in thing. They are worn in the traditional dark colours with overcoats but many women are now experimenting pastel shades with blazers, which have set into a whole new trend.
  • Knitwear: coordinating knit dresses into your wardrobe weeks is essential. Knit is highly underrated for the warmth and comfort they bring. They are stretchy, comfortable and snugly. Teamed with trainers or boots, your outfit of the perfect dress for work wear is complete.
  • Culottes: These are trousers with flared bottoms and end somewhere around the knee. Culottes are also teamed with dresses nowadays, therefore having a snug bodice and a flared bottom. Comfortable, super trendy and available in a host of patterns and colours, dresses like these are perfect for work wear.
  • Skater dress: Casual yet professional when worn with an over coat or blazer, skater dresses are perfect work wear.
  • Black suit dress: Panelled dark suits which resemble dresses are also famous for professional work attire.
  • Summer jumpsuits: summer jumpsuits which are strapless can be easily coordinated with a coat or blazer with a cosy turtleneck beneath, to give your body all the insulation it needs and the warmth that craves to be settled in the crook of your arms.
  • Who said winters are gloomy? Use fun floral patterns and prints to give yourself the much desired bright makeover you need. Floral full sleeved dresses are beautifully elite and when stitched with a strong lining, give a full-fledged independent look.
  • You can never go wrong with red. It may unconventional but red suits are another type of work attire which can never get old.
  • Sweater wrap dresses worn with snugly belts must definitely be tried and tested. It shall never disappoint you.
  • Faux leather trimmed sheath dresses are another much loved option.
  • Kimono and warm tunic dresses are fashionable and protect you from the much detested early morning cold.
  • Midi jersey dress is a popular work wear choice. Available in a host of prints, these dresses are hard to say no to.
  • Lace fitted dresses can also be worn though the material is sheer, the right cover up assures warmth and happiness.