Expand Your Child’s Mind Through Educational Experiences

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The best way to encourage your child to expand their knowledge is to set a good example for them at home. You can do this by taking family outings that center around learning. There are plenty of educational places to visit, as well as ways to encourage further learning at home.


This is the easiest age when it comes to finding educational destinations. Spend a day at the zoo, an aquarium, or a children’s museum. Don’t forget to stop in the gift shop and let them pick up a story book based on the day to add to your collection of bedtime tales.

Elementary Age

Now that the kids are older, they can take part in educational day camps. These include nature camps, sports camps, and vacation bible schools. Encourage them to share what they have learned with other members of the family when they get home. Continue the learning process by incorporating their new skills into a family fun night.

Middle School

At this age they are finally old enough to experience more grown up activities. Take a trip to a living history museum. These villages depict certain points in history complete with guides dressed in period clothing that explain day to day events for that place in time. The family memories you make will help the educational part live on.

High School

Teenagers may resist, but you can still get them to enjoy educational experiences with you. Let them help decide where to go. Have them find books online to help plan the trip or explain subjects related to the destination like ones with quantum physics explained before going to a science museum.

No matter what age your child is, there is always something more for them to learn. Help them explore the world and all it has to offer. Then, find ways to continue that education once you arrive back home. You’ll be surprised what their young minds can comprehend.