Facebook Advertising Campaign Tips

Looking for some of the best Facebook Advertising Campaign Tips? Well if the answer is yes then read on.

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the best places to run paid ad campaigns. Since it has quite a lot of users which will help you to display your products to a wider range of users.

However, running a Facebook Advertising campaign is not that easy. It is a little complicated, and there are a few things that you should take care of. So let’s just go ahead and talk about them one by one:

Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign Tips:

Know your Audience:

While running your advertisements on Facebook, you need to know your customers. As well you need to target the right set of audience else you will not get as expected results.

So while setting up a Facebook ID, you need to filter between interests, set age range and so on. Also, you need to choose between 2G, 3G, and 4G network.

However, we do not really recommend users who are using 2G users. As it will not give you as expected results. Instead, the users who are on a 3G or 4G network will give you much better results.

You can even choose between Mobile and Desktop users. However, this completely depends on your product. For example, if you are selling some software then targeting desktop users will be more profitable.

But in case if you are some clothing brand, then Mobile users might be the best option for you.

Test With Ads:

If you are going to run Facebook ads for the first time. Then do let us mention the fact that while running your first Ad you may not get as expected results.

Hence putting all your money on a single Ad would not be a great idea. Instead, you can run multiple small Ads to figure out which ad settings are working the best for you.

Do run multiple tests by changing into the ad settings. Like interests, age range, desktop, and mobile users.

Once you have found the right set of audience, then you can put all your money on a single Ad, and you are all good to go.

Know the Tools You Can Use:

Just to help you in getting maximum engagements on your Facebook ads. Facebook is offering you quite a lot of tools which will eventually make your ad running experience better. These tools are the:

Audience Insights:

This is one of the essential tools that will help you the most. Using the Audience network, you will be able to know the stats of your Ads. Like how many people have seen your Ad and how many of them clicked on your link.

As well as over here you will find multiple Advertisement tips which will help you to take your Facebook advertising game to the next level.

Creative Hub:

The creative hub is the section where you will find a different type of Ads that Facebook is offering. This advertisement includes carousel ads, call to action ads and so on.

Power Editor:

In the end, we have the Power Editor. You can use this feature to create your posts and analyze the data. Also, it will help you to know your advertisement costs, reach, impressions, clicks, CPM, CPC, CTR.

Basically, it will give you a complete idea about your Advertisements.

Use Effective Images:

Images are the most important thing in your Ad network. It is the only thing that will help you to grab the users attention. So use rich and attractive images.

For featured images, you can try out websites like, These websites let you get free images as well they are rich in quality.

Apart from Images, you can also use cool infographics to drive the user’s attention. Or if you want to stick with images, then you can use some texts over the Images to catch the user’s attention instantly.

Use Catchy Headlines:

With attractive images, you will be able to drive users attention. But making them click on your Ad is still a game that you need to win.

In this case, the headline comes to rescue. If you have some catchy headline that forces the users to click on your Link, then you will easily be able to increase your CTR.

Even, believe it or not, there are lots of content creators who spend their most of the time writing a catchy headline. Because when your main goal is to drive traffic from social media, a headline is the only thing that matters.

To get some headline ideas, you can check out some of the other brands and see what they are using. Get ideas, run some test Ads and see the results.

Split up mobile and desktop campaigns:

Another smart thing that you can do splitting up mobile and desktop campaigns. Through the power editor tool, you will easily be able to set up two different advertisement campaigns.

This will give you an Idea of where your audience is more active on Mobile devices or Desktop. Look from where you are getting the maximum engagements before finalizing your complete Ad campaign.

However, most of the internet marketers would choose Mobile devices. Since it has more users, but again it’s about targeting the right side of the users.

Hence running some small ad campaigns will be a better idea compared to burning all your cash on a single Ad campaign.

Final Words:

So those were a couple of Facebook Advertising Campaign Tips. Now it’s your call to try them out. However, if your main goal is to establish a brand image on Facebook. Then you can also use Facebook groups to talk about your brand.

Since Facebook groups happen to have a high engagement rate. So posting over there will surely give you better visibility. Even to join Facebook groups you can use an FB group joiner free tool which will help you to join multiple groups at once. Plus it will help you to manage them easily.