Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

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The holidays are approaching, and once again you will be in search of the perfect gift for each individual on your list. This can be a daunting task. You will be asking yourself where to begin. A good starting point would be to pick the category of gift you will be looking for. This will immediately narrow down your options and refine your search. Use the following three categories as suggestions.


A want is anything the individual would love to have but doesn’t necessarily need. It doesn’t even have to serve a purpose. Wants include things like figurines that simply look pretty, a piece of jewelry that is given just because, or a high-end luxury item they wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves. These types of gifts have a certain ”wow” factor to them.


Gifts that fall under the ”needs” category would be anything the person has to have. Think along the lines of a gas station or grocery store gift card. Everyone needs food and gasoline. Work clothes or special software designed specifically for one’s job are also considered needs. Think about paying for services for them too. This could include paying for their lawn care this summer or buying them a gym membership.


The category of fun items could be as simple as movie tickets, an amusement park pass, or a free night of bowling. Keep in mind exactly what the gift recipient enjoys the most. You could even purchase items for a hobby. For example, a gun enthusiast would love 80% lowers and other parts to assemble their own Glock. Be creative.

Once you start your holiday shopping by selecting a category, the job will be much easier. Ask yourself whether you want to buy something they need, want, or something just for fun. This will eliminate a lot of items right away, and you will be left with a more focused goal when it comes to buying that gift.