Finding Regular Loads To Stay Busy

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If you’re an independent truck driver, you know staying busy is the name of the game. While you’ve always got to be on the lookout for the jobs that can snag you the best rates, the real key is minimizing downtime, because if you are earning enough to break even you’re covering the cost of owning your equipment without going out of pocket. So where do you go to make sure you can always find work when you’re looking? The answer is, you don’t just go to one place. It’s easy to find hopper loads to run if you’ve got the right grain transport job board on your radar, but what happens when it’s not the growing season? Having a couple ways to pay your bills comes in handy when one industry has a seasonal slowdown.

Traveling Between Jobs

Another good reason to branch out into a couple types of cargo transportation is to make sure you can find work near you. It’s not enough to stay on the job, you’ve also got to think of the time and fuel invested in going between jobs, because you’re running at a loss during those times. If you’ve got the right posting board access, you can usually find another related run close enough to keep your balance sheet satisfied, but the more options you have the more chances you have to find a gig that is just around the corner from your current location. Of course, sometimes changing what you haul means changing your trailer, so there are a lot of considerations to weigh as you set up your strategy.

Reputation Matters

While you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, it’s also important that you don’t spread yourself too thin. Your reputation on job boards comes from feedback and completed loads, and if you operate in too many places, that feedback will be spread out and customers won’t be able to see as much of your past history. Balance is key.