Four Tricks to Spicing Up Your Love Life with a Long-Time Sweetie

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Long-time love, while amazing and sweet, can get dull after so long of being with the same person. However, you and your long-time sweetie can restore a bit of spice and sweetness to your love life with the following five “tricks.” Each trick is more like a tidbit of inspiration to help you regain focus of your romance. You know, the feelings that brought you together in the first place.

Never Stop Flirting with Little Touches, Blush-Worthy Remarks, and Compliments Galore

Flirtation is one of the most natural ways to spice up your love life with your long-time sweetheart. Why? Because flirtation makes you feel wanted and desired. It makes your heart race, your blood pump, and those endless feelings of cutesy love flow through your mind and body. And it can all be as innocent as light touches here and there, a blush from an off-the-cuff, whispered, and risqué remark, and compliments sprinkled throughout the day.

Give Those “Just Because” Gifts Whenever the Mood Strikes to Do Something Romantic and Unexpected

“Thinking of you” or “just because” gifts are the sweetest because there’s no forethought or ulterior reason for receiving or gifting them. You do because you can. You love someone, so your first reaction is to give them something nice that you know they would enjoy, like a random bouquet of their favorite flowers, an unwinding chiropractic appointment with physical therapy Brandon FL, or movie tickets to an impromptu date night.

Go with Literal Spice, like Chile-Infused Chocolates

When you want to heat things up in your love life, literally, go with spicy aphrodisiacs, like chile-infused chocolates. Aphrodisiacs are supposed to make you and your sweetheart feel amorous—but regardless of if they work, you will both have lots of bonding fun trying out something new and hot together. Keep some milk on hand—haha!

Cook Together [Romance and Good Food are Two Sides of the Same Coin]

Food and romance go hand-in-hand because the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach—or so the saying goes. So, cook together. Put on some low playful music, pick out a yummy recipe, and prepare it together with both of you in the kitchen at the same time. Kids around? Send them to a friend’s house. Or, better yet, have a loving evening that’s family-friendly when you invite them to help you cook too.