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Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Analysis, Installation, and Repair

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Any building design begins with plans for a firm foundation that can hold the building up in a continuous, stable manner. Geotechnical engineering offers the analysis and wisdom it takes to ensure you are on track to creating a structure that is safe and lasts.

Testing and Analyzing the Soil

Knowing what comprises the ground beneath your feet can make a huge difference in the construction of the foundation for your building. The weight it is expected to bear during all seasons and conditions makes depending on adequate soil testing and site analysis a critical piece of information to have before construction begins. The better and safer the foundation design is, the more confidence you will feel in the stability of the completed building.

Determining the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Site

Nearly any site will have individual composition weaknesses and strengths but knowing what they are is priceless information. You do not want to lay the foundation for a building on weak earth when taking a few precautions can bring the stability it needs to offer firm, sustainable support.

Stelcor Piles

Grout and steel make Stelcor piles the perfect solution to help stabilize and provide a firm foundation for multi-level buildings. It is a product that is driven into the ground at specified intervals to help increase the overall strength of the building. A geotechnical engineer will help determine the exact amount needed for your particular project.

Helical Piles

Helical piles are the type of structural support needed for large buildings such as hospitals or expansive industrial buildings. The great thing about the Helical pile design is the reduction in vibration and noise disturbance. Commercial operations that vibration-sensitive need this type of support.

Foundation Failure Determination and Fix

A geotechnical engineer can assist in cases where the foundation has failed. Testing and analysis will reveal where the problem exists and expertise will help provide the solution. It can save the entire project by coming up with an affordable answer to the problem that brings the stability the building foundation needs to support the construction.

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