Hone Your Skillset with the Professional Scrum Master Certification

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The agile framework is the most favoured and adopted methodology by product development teams across the world, and the role of a scrum master is very critical in any development team that has adopted the Agile framework. Responsibilities of a Scrum master are very diverse and range from coaching the team members in Agile processes to ensuring successful delivery of the product. Skill sets that are required to become a successful scrum master are also very diverse, and Professional Scrum master certification is a formal, industry accepted the way to acquire all the skills that are needed to make one a successful Scrum master.

What’s in the course?

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course is a two-day course that will give the learners all the necessary tools and comprehension to effectively utilise Scrum in their organisations. This course covers theory and practical approach pertaining to Scrum basics, Scrum framework and mechanics. Scrum master’s responsibilities include conflict resolution, removing the impediments that team members encounter, coaching and monitoring team in adherence to the framework. This course addresses the soft skills such as team dynamics, motivation, planning plus estimation that are required to become a competent Scrum master.

Advanced topics such as the use of Scrum (at an enterprise level), tools, techniques and the mechanics behind its implementation are covered in this course. Industry case studies and practical scenarios are extensively used to enhance the understanding of the participants. Advanced knowledge on the core values and practices of Scrum and the agility to respond to complex scenarios are evaluated in the Professional Scrum Master certification.

Learners will go through intensive and interactive workshops to gain understanding and knowledge of the fundamental aspects, roles, attributes and empirical foundation of Scrum. They will also gain hands-on experience by applying the Scrum framework to real-time projects. Participants will get an opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts and will receive Comprehensive courseware and exam preparation support.

Benefits of this CSM Certification Course

Besides a deep understanding of Scrum methodology, upon completion of this course, participants will get a credential that is well recognised by top organisations across the globe. This gives the participants a competitive edge and will boost their prospects in career advancement and better job opportunities. Participants will also get a temporary membership with the Scrum Alliance which brings them closer to the greater community of highly regarded talent and resources. You will also gain 16 PDUs and SEUs.

Learn from the best Agile Management classes

KnowledgeHut is a globally recognised provider of professional, accelerated training programs and courses.The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) training is delivered on an advanced platform, and our faculty members are drawn from industry with years of real-time experience and expertise. The training model is based on an ideal mix of classroom theory, real case scenarios, practical methods and interaction with industry experts. This comprehensive approach will give the learners an opportunity to maximise their potential takeaways from the course.

Charge ahead in your career as a Professional Scrum Master with this advanced certification course.