How to Give a Tribute to a Deceased Parent

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It is painful to lose a parent regardless of your age. You experience a roller coaster of emotions. These emotions may include despair, numbness, sadness, shock, grief and denial. However, you have to plan a funeral services Westchester IL program before dealing with the grief. Read on to find out how to give a tribute to a decease parent.

Give a Tribute

A funeral service is made up of different parts. It also has a tribute portion part of the service. A tribute allows family, friends and associates to say something about the deceased. However, it is important to ask the funeral director about how much time to devote to this subject.

Sing a Song

It is common for families to have someone to sing at a funeral. The person who gets to sing the song is usually someone from your church or a family friend. If your parent has a favorite gospel song, then you should sing it or have someone sang it at the service.

Spiritual songs are comforting and inspirational. They bring comfort to the loved ones and guests in attendance for the funeral.

Share a Story

It is common to think of the good times when you lose a loved one. You tend to remember the last time you saw the person or when something funny happened. Your tribute to your loved one could be sharing a funny memory. If you allow people to share stores, then you should tell them to keep it short.

Say a Poem

A poem is a way to celebrate the life of your loved one. You can write the poem or find a written one for this type of occasion. If your parent had a favorite poet, then you may want to say something by that person. You should choose words that take everyone to a good place.

It never gets easier after losing a parent. However, you can learn to accept it with counseling. You could benefit from talking to a grief counselor. Overcoming your grief starts with planning a beautiful home coming service.