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How to Self Study for JEE Main Exams?

JEE Main is the biggest entrance level exam in India with candidates opting for prestigious colleges after the selection in JEE Main. With over 15 lakh candidates appearing for this exam, the competition is bound to be high. JEE Main 2016 is going to be held on 3rd April 2016 in almost 16 states of the country. JEE Main 2016 Answer key will be available on various websites after the exam. The final stage of the revision is going on for the students and we will provide some tips regarding self study for this JEE Main exam. So go through these tips before the exam as it will help in performing well in the exam.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While doing self study for any entrance level exam you should know your strengths and weaknesses well in advance. If you are stronger in some part then make it even stronger and score the maximum in that section but that doesn’t mean you will leave the other sections. Practice hard and make the basics crystal clear in every section so that you are able to solve the questions in exam.

Follow practical approach and plan

For any entrance level exam the right approach is to follow certain plan and approach it practically. Don’t concentrate much on the theory section as it will not help you in the exam. Rather practice the questions and try to make the concepts and basics of every subject clear. Give equal time to every subject daily and practice as much as you can. JEE Main 2016 answer key will tell you your performance right after the exam.

Know your subjects well

Self study is the only way by which you can score maximum in this exam. Practice harder for every subject. You should know your subjects well before starting preparation for this exam. Everything including syllabus, weight age, selection criteria, cut offs and other things related to JEE Main exam should be known well in advance. This will help you in following the right approach towards the preparation of this exam. Previous year question papers should be solved thoroughly for better understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern.

Except studies

We all know that self study is the key to success for JEE Main exam 2016 and students are doing it the same. But apart from studies there are many things that should be followed properly daily. Once you have made your time table for the self study these things should be included as well. Exercise, proper diet, proper sleep and routine breaks between studies are all important while preparing for entrance level exam. So don’t forget to include all these things in your plan for self study.

Special tips for candidates

  • If you are left with sometime in the exam then you can pick one section in which you are weak and practice enormous amount of questions both online and offline. Dont forget the jee main application form 2016.
  • If you are not left with much time in the exam then you can practice according to your strengths in which you have not practiced much earlier. Pick those parts in which you can score maximum and is also important from the exam point of view.
  • Make your basics and concepts crystal clear before appearing for this exam. Don’t mug up the formulas of maths. Instead know how they are derived as it will help in solving the question in an easier way.
  • Time management is also very important in this exam so while doing self study learn how to manage the time. Solve previous year paper by setting the time and complete it in given time.
  • Solve previous year papers only before some days of the exam.

Final Verdict

These tips are enough for any candidate for doing self study of JEE Main exam. JEE Main 2016 Answer key will also be available to the students after the exam by which they can analyse their performance easily. If students go through these tips before exam then it will help them in performing well in the exam. Students should not take stress before the exam and everything which is explained above should be followed properly. JEE Main 2016 answer key will help the students in a better way. s