How to Start a Softball Team in Your Office

When you watch television shows and films about offices, you probably see characters signing for the office softball team. Those players get to know each other outside of work and have fun playing against others. An office softball team can even help workers get in shape and burn some extra calories. Though you might think that setting up your own team is difficult, it’s actually easier than most think. As long as you have workers who love playing softball, you can form your team.


Gauge Interest

Before looking at uniforms and places to practice, make sure that there is enough interest to form one of these teams. Let your coworkers or employees know that you want to start a new softball team and ask what they think about the idea. It’s often helpful to find out how many players have experience and who played softball in the past. You can then pass around a sign up sheet or post a sheet in the break room to let those interested sign up to play. Some workers may prefer volunteering as referees or to make snacks for games and practices.

Create a Schedule

Once you have a full team, you need to spend some time practicing and improving your skills before playing your first game. Creating a schedule helps those players know the commitment they need to make and gives them the chance to see if those practice sessions interfere with any of their personal commitments. A league scheduler makes this even easier. You can actually put that information online on your own team website. Players can check the site to see the date, time and location of the next practice session. A scheduler will also help you keep track of upcoming games too.

Look for Other Teams

A softball team without any competition is practically useless. Those you practice with want to know that they can compete against others later. Look around both your city and surrounding cities for teams you can play against in the future. You might find softball teams run by other local offices, community adult teams and even high school teams that need more practice. The more your team plays, the more comfortable they’ll feel battling the competition. Create your own office softball team to foster skills in your workers like decision making, leadership and team building skills.