How to Strengthen Your Child’s Speech, Gross Motor, and Fine Motor Skills

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Most parents will do anything to help their children grow and develop, and for many, that includes working on developmental skills at home to either eliminate delays or to get a little jump on the other toddlers and preschoolers. Before you start drilling and practicing and making every day homework, educate yourself a little on how to make the most of your work with your child.

Make Sure Your Child Is Ready

It may be tempting to start in on all the skills at once, but you’ll get much further if you focus on where you youngster is at the moment and double down on what you can see through that developmental window. Read about Montessori sensitive periods to learn when kids are ready for what. Talk to your pediatrician and any teachers or therapists who know your little one well and take their advice on where to begin.

Get Help from the Pros

You can also get professional advice from therapists on the internet. Search for blogs by speech, physical and occupational therapists for information about language, gross and fine motor skills and fun exercises to try at home. Pinterest is another place to search for inspiration and activities from all over the web.

Find Some Helpful Equipment

Toy stores offer plenty of playthings that target developmental skills. But there are also specialty companies that offer the kind of tools and techniques that therapists use in their work with young children. You may find ideas you’d never have thought of for making your home work as fun for your child as it is effective. Though once you start buying all this cool equipment, it may be hard to stop.

Anything you can do to make your skill-building efforts with your child playful and enjoyable will pay off. Your child will be more engaged, and you’ll feel less stressed and more competent.