Impressive home automation gadgets which will make your life easy

How good it would be if you will be able to tackle your complete home with a coffeemaker or a smartphone? Or how about having a smart system installed at your place which turns off or on the lights as and when you enter or leave the room. Well these gadgets are no more a dream and can be lived and enjoyed in reality as well. There are various number of smart home automation systems available which have been discussed below and can be chosen as a gadget at your home.

Amazon Echo

For some users, it might look like a normal speaker but believe me it is much more than that. It is capable of recognizing voice from far areas, which simply means you can give commands from a distance and speaker would react accordingly. The device is completely voice driven, and once you have this at your place it is surely to transform your place.

Smart Wi-Fi Coffeemaker

This coffee brewing machine is much than a simple brewing machine. With the use of a free mobile app you can control this Mr. Coffee smart coffeemaker from almost anywhere in your house and it supposedly gives you utter convenience. The brew timers can be adjusted or reminders of the machine can be set for making fresh and hot coffee whenever you want. Such amazing services can be availed because of the Wi-Fi system being enabled within the device.

Crack-pot smart Wi-Fi Slow Container

This is another convenience device which can make tour life easier and your home much more automated. It makes use of free mobile app for controlling the device, with which you can adjust the cooking time or change the temperature as per the dish you are cooking. This is really an amazing device.

Kohler Maxie Bluetooth showerhead

Well many of us carry our smartphones along with us to the shower, to hear some music and have a good time showering. Well if this is the case with you as well, Kohler Maxie Bluetooth showerhead is probably the right thing for you. It comes along with a wireless speaker which can be connected using mobile phones. Signals on the showerhead can reach from a distance of 32 feet, and because the speaker can be removed you can play songs almost anywhere and not just on the showerhead.

Kolibree smart Electric Tooth Brush

This is one of the best ways of encouraging dental habits and hygiene in your family, especially amongst the kids who almost keeps running away from brushing their teeth. With the brush, you can achieve almost all the benefits which are expected from a usual brush. The kolibree mobile app can be connected with the toothbrush so that the brushing activity can be monitored appropriately.


There have been many smartplugs in the market, but undoubtedly Zulismrtplug is one of the best products in the market. The Zulismartplug is even more effective when it is coupled along with two more smartplugs. Three Zulismartplugs together, kicks in the feature of Zuli Presence, which is capable of detecting any movement in and out of your room. The lights at your place is turned on or off accordingly. This plug can also be used with Zuli iPhone app.

Dropcam Wi-Fi security camera

It is one of the most trustable security devices especially for the ones who have trouble sleeping during the night. In the beginning, this product would like a high quality web cam to you but there is much more to it. It has a 130 degree of field view, night vision, high definition camera and has a superb zoom functionality. The whole security camera can be installed quickly within a minute by simply connecting yourself with Wi-Fi.

iRobot Roomba 770

This is a small cleaning robot device which has completely proven its worth to the customers. With the proximity sensors, Roomba will be able to navigate the entire home. Three phases of cleaning is followed which includes agitation, brushing and suction of the dust present within your home. The device cleans your home well. Moreover the device can be schedule for cleaning of your place for seven days a week. This is a luxury product and provides users’ utmost comfort and convenience to the users.