10 Blogging Tips I Learned From “The Wrestler”

In the film “The Wrestler” there were times when it was extremely difficult to differentiate between illusion and reality but if you observe carefully, you will find plenty of subtle hints, which you can connect with marketing – your blog posts.

The Past as an Excuse                 

Humans have a tendency to use their past as an excuse- a lame one at that to justify for the things that they are failing to accomplish in their present lives. It might be very tempting to go back mentally to your past and stay stuck there like the protagonist of “The Wrestler” but we both know that it is not going to help you in the end. It would just create further complications just like it did in Randy’s life.

Make Use of what you have

You will face challenge sand obstacles and more often than not, you will not have the adequate resources to work with. Instead of whining about it make complete use of the tools that you have in hand.

Aronofsky, the film’s director did not have world-class equipments to work with. Nevertheless, that did not deter him from making the film, He used what he had in his hand and made a film, a bloody good one at that.

Wait until you Make Money

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and do what everyone is doing – trying to make money through blogging, make use of tools like Amazon Affiliate and Google Adsense.

Learn from how Randy wasted all his money on strippers and drugs when he did not have enough in the first place. Do not make the same mistake as him that is spending money without earning enough.

Befriend People who have Faith in You

If you have friends who constantly motivate and encourage you and believe in your vision, then work with them. There is nothing like collaborating with people you love and like at the same time.

Both Mickey Rourke and Bruce Springsteen did not receive any remuneration for working on the project but just because they believed in the director’s vision and liked the3 script they very willingly went along with it.

The Break is a Myth

Just dreaming about getting that big break someday will not do. You have to work hard and create opportunities for yourself. Especially in the online world, you need to be constantly on the lookout for opportunities.

Remember, how Ram works out in gymnasiums with fewer crowds? He let his pride get in the way of making it big. Make sure it does not happen to you.

Be Aware of your Limitations

Ram is aware that his physical health is not allowing him to continue with wrestling. You need to be aware of your weaknesses and utilize them to better yourself.

If your blog is not working out, then try to find ways to better it or just delete the entire thing and start anew.

Old is Gold

Sometimes if you know how to make suitable adjustments to your projects, you can use them in various places. There is enough value in certain old products; you just need to sharpen your observational skills.

Granted that the film never touches this topic, the WWE is the perfect example to show you that old products (in this case wrestlers) can make a comeback.

…Not always though

Do not take old projects for granted. If you use the same tone or cannot make it exciting enough to sell to your current audience, then it is best to let go of it.

Look at “The Ram” who puts on the same show for his audience for the past 20 years. It just doesn’t’ work.

Be an Expert

Do enough research. You might not get another chance to impress people out there especially if you are laid back and act as a novice.

The actor playing the wrestler convinces us enough and by the time we are finished with the film we cannot imagine anyone else playing it.

Best? Not always

In life, you will seldom get the “best”. Yes, there might be people telling you that your product /services could be better but instead of listening to them, take the plunge and attempt at selling those. The best is always subjective.

Aronofsky went with his gut and cast Rourke, an unbankable actor as opposed to the studio’s original choice Nicholas Cage and we all know what happened after that.

Now that you have some tips at hand, make sure your blog is a good one!