Tips To Secure Your Smart Home

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Because of the potential security threats associated with IoT, some people hesitate to buy too many smart devices, even if they would otherwise like to. This is because any device that is connected to the internet can potentially be subjected to hacking and intruding. There is a risk for potential security threats like virus attacks, worms, unauthorized access, malware attacks, hackers etc. Luckily, there are also some ways to keep smart home devices safe from these attacks.

You don’t need the help of a professional, you don’t need to be a technical person or don’t need any special skills for securing your smart home devices from malware attacks. By following some simpe steps, you can protect your home’s smart devices and data. Here are some of those useful tips for your smart home network security.

Always buy from trusted brands

Whenthinking about smart home devices, a number of reliable brands come to mind. You should buy trusted brands only if you want to secure your device and data. Before buying your favorite brand, search for the best option. Look into the security features of the brand you like and read their security policies clearly.

If you have any doubt in the branded products,then you can go with a well-known manufacturer or retailer, like Google or Amazon. This is because these companies have inclusive security features built into their devices.

Keep updating your devices

Some users don’t update the software that is used for their devices after buying it. This is one of the major reasons for the vulnerability of the device. Possibly the most effective and easiest way to secure your smart home devices is to install updates frequently. Because updates has the patches for, emerging vulnerabilities. If you don’t update your devices, you are putting yourself up for exploitation.

Some of the smart home devices can have an automatic update features that updates the device when new versions are released.  If your device has such feature then turn on this feature because you may forget to manually update your devices.

Use all security features

Some of the smart home devices have some additional security features for the users to opt into. So, it is better to use all those security features. Even some of the devices come with inbuilt antivirus software to protect it from viruses and attacks. Also, some of the recent devices have two-step authentication for its app. So, if there are any features then use those features.

Change the default password

The common mistake most of the people do is they do not change the default password. This leads to hacking and malware attacks to the devices. Because some of the common brand devices have the same default password that is easily known by the hackers. This password is the initial line of defense so change your device’s password often.

Use a guest network

If you have a guest network in your house, then it is better to connect the less intrusive smart devices of your home to this network than your main one. This will make hacking more difficult on your most important devices.