10 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Wedding Photography, Not A Friend

With all the workload and events to manage, the last few months before the day you’ve dreamed of since you were twelve things can get really out of hand. But what it all comes down to is how much you really enjoy the day because that is going to be captured and treasured for a life time. Just knowing “someone with a great camera” is not the thing you want to settle for when it comes to wedding pictures. With a little research you can come across hundreds of disasters “someone with a great camera” has brought about in weddings. And please don’t even think about letting the guests take the pictures, they are there to enjoy with you, please leave them alone, they would prefer to stay in front of the lens rather than being behind a camera.


Not convinced yet? Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons why you must have a professional photographer work his/her charm at your wedding photography:

No fake candid moments

Remember how you love those wedding pictures with candid moments like the teary-eyed speeches, that “you’re mine forever look” right after the ceremony, those can only be captured by a true professional, because only they know where and when to look and click. They have been to enough weddings to actually plan one, so trust them; they know what they are doing. Whereas asking a friend to do it might not be a great idea because “just say cheese” is not very inspirational at weddings.

No skill, only camera equals disaster

Yes your friend owns a great camera and his hands are not shaky and yes he takes perfect selfies, is that all? Composing a great shot takes skill and precision, which comes from years of training and learning through experience. You can’t just have a shot of your gorgeous dress and smile backlit with the sun’s rays without a professional directing the camera to take the perfect shot manually as the camera sensors are inefficient at doing that.

Because it’s all about the lighting

A professional is your only ray of hope when it comes to bad lighting. Only a professional photographer can spot the best place to take beautiful pictures in a room and outside. How? Because they have learned from failures and they have been to more weddings than your “friend with a great camera”.

A great camera

It will take more than one great camera to capture an entire wedding full of people with sky-high emotions. Professionals always have backup along with extra gear to continue in case a camera stops working for running out of battery or something else.

How the day runs

Professionals know how the day will go on from the dress-up, pre-ceremony notes to the ceremony the reception and ending with the getaway. Along with that they also know how much you’d love to see all the nitty-gritty things that you missed starting from your father’s teary eyed picture to your mother’s keen observation to make everything go as planned.  So they’ll know where to be to capture the best shots.

Missing out on precious shots

Are you sure your friend is not going to get drunk, get all emotional and flirt with the beautiful bridesmaid or grooms men? That’s not something you have to worry about with a professional photographer. Your friend might start out with extreme dedication from 10am which can slowly fade as the day passes, which means you miss out on shots which you can’t remake again.

Portraits matter

Who else other than a professional can ask you to tilt your head a certain way and spread the laces of your dress to get the perfect portrait shot? Your friend can be great at landscapes, but when it comes to a portrait you need a professional.

Post-wedding edits

A professional photographer will not only spend approximately 12+ hours taking beautiful pictures but also edit them with Photoshop software to give them the pro-level touch with the right cropping, exposure and color correction.

Pre-wedding photography sessions

Only professional photographers agree and commit to doing a photography rehearsal from Urbanclap just to make sure you get all the pictures with the right poses that you have in your mind and get a good idea of what changes you might bring to make the pictures worth a life time.

Backup or pack-up

What if your friend due to last minute problems can’t make it to your wedding? Professionals always have a second or third backup photographer in case they can’t make it due to some unforeseen event.

Just know, every penny will be worth it, because the time and thought professionals put in can’t be compared to amateurs on any level. Every invited guest will be looking forward to have pictures taken you, even your “friend with a great camera”.