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Artemisia annua is plant with a wide variety of names because it’s found in many regions of the world. The names given are wormwood, annual wormwood, sweet annie, sweet wormwood. With fern-like leaves, bright yellow flowers and camphor like scent to the plant, it isn’t hard to locate it.

This herb has being used from ancient times in China and documented for. The herbalists used this to cure specified fevers and malaria. The drug was prepared from dry leaves. It was also prescribed for female haemorrhoids and as a sexual tonic when mixed with other herbs such as ginger and cinnamon and administered in boiled urine.


Importance and chemical compounds of artemisia

The glandular structures on the leaves, flowers and stems contain bio active compounds. These can be extracted through solvents such as alcohol and aqeous. The alcohol extraction has better antioxidant properties than than the aqeous extract acids. It has an oxygen radical absorbance capacityand has also showed how to get better alcohol extracts for the cure of malaria. The prescription drug which is lab made is sold all over Europe, Asia and Africa.


The use of Artemisia Annua has been documented in several researches and proved effective for the treatment of fever and malaria. It also has been proven it properties for the cure of cancer.

It has said to be a cure for bacterial infections, such as dysentery, tuberculosis. Viral infections (cold), fungal infections, diseases caused by parasites, mites, worms can be treated with sweet wormwood or artemisiaannua. Stomach upset, fever, jaundice psorosis, systemic lupus erthematosus which are autoimmune disorders can be given dosages of sweet annie. Painful mensuration, stomach ache, constipation, gallbladder and blood vessel disorders, joint pain and loss of appetite can get a solution through the treatment of artemisiaannua.

The persons having AIDS can use the above drug for the treatment of a fatal type of lung infection, pneumonia caused by a fungus and sweet annie can be a real life saver or arthritis, bruises, nerve pains and sprains too.

Side effects

The wormwood supplement are not prescribed for persons with weak digestion, watery stools, food stagnation by emotional distress, even poor dietary habits, phlegm , heat and cold disorders stagnate in the body. That time the usage of artemisia is ill advised. This is all according to the Chinese herbalists.

The modern medicine prescribers state this medication is not recommended for pregnant women.  The diabetics may run the risk of hypoglycaemia.

It is also advised to take the medication with grapefruit juice can cause the bioavailability of artemether. It is also noted that consumption with anti fugal medication. It also interacts with calcium blockers taken with this medication

It has been reported that the pollens of the plant have caused allergic reactions and headaches. There were changes in prolonged QT interval of the heartand bradycardia. The area of administration also has shown the development of abscess, itching and hives. The consumption has also leads to diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea.