Yes, the summer is finally here. However, you might be in a position where you don’t feel confident and comfortable with your body in its current state. When it comes to carrying extra pounds, it’s always important to remember that your confidence is key. If you feel great about yourself, that will shine through. Consider these key tips when you’re looking to shed a few pounds.

1. Do a physical activity every single day.
Physical exercise is so important for your body to remain strong, build endurance and run efficiently. If you lead a very sedentary lifestyle, it becomes easier to pack on the pounds. Instead, get creative about infusing movement into your day. Wake up early and get a workout in. The workout can involve jogging on the treadmill. You can go for a brisk morning walk. You might even decide to go to a gym class in the morning. Find another fun activity to do in the evening. A dance class, a few miles on the bike or a workout video can work perfectly.

2. Drink a lot of water.
Don’t underestimate the power of water to help you shed a lot of weight. The body thrives when it receives a lot of water. Water detoxifies the system and flushes out any impurities. It’s also helpful when you’re looking to energize the body to wake up. Instead of reaching for your morning coffee, squeeze fresh lemon juice into a cup of hot water. Sip that drink in the morning and watch how much your mind is able to focus.

3. Eat whole foods.
Whole foods like fruits and vegetables are natural and unprocessed. They also have the least amount of calories. There are loads of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables so do your best to include more fruits and vegetables into every single meal.

4. Get plenty of rest.
Work on improving the quality of your rest. If you’re a night owl, start to get out of that habit and get in bed by 11 p.m. Start winding down for bed by 10 p.m. Take a nice bath. Drink some warm tea. Read a good book. Do not take your electronics to bed with you. They’ll only help your brain stay alert and awake.

5. Wear clothes that fit.
While it’s tempting to desperately cling to the clothes that hang in your closet and don’t fit, resist that urge. In order to actively shed the weight, you need to embrace every step of the journey. This includes embracing the weight you are at right now. Yes, you’re working to shed the weight. However, it’s not going to fall off overnight. In the meantime, you still need to look and feel good. The best way to do this is through wearing clothes that fit your body and complement your best assets.

6. Consider weight loss programs and accountability.
Sometimes, it’s really nice to have support, guidelines and accountability as you embark on such a huge journey. Ask a friend to partner with you as you work to lose the weight. This friend can work out with you or check to make sure that you did. This is also the friend that will remind you of what you can and can’t eat because you’ve given them permission to. It’s also a good idea to consider enrolling in a weight loss program that will give you steps and guidelines to get from Point A to Point B. visit for weight loss programs.

7. Fix your mindset.
Confidence is key. If you remind yourself that you’re beautiful, you’ll exude that type of aura. Even though it might take a little bit of effort, prepare your looks in advance. Do what you need to do in order to feel confident at your current weight. Listen to motivational messages and repeat affirmations that remind you of how strong, resilient and amazing you are. As you improve your mindset, your life and perspective will shift.