Abdominal Pain – Symptoms and Causes

Pain in the abdomen can be mild or severe depending on the cause. Sometimes it comes on suddenly and can be an indication of one of several problems. All pain is not caused by a serious problem. However, if the pain persists and is severe, it is wise to consult a physician. If they believe it is warranted, they will recommend tests to determine the cause.

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What are Some Symptoms and Causes?

The exact location and the duration of the pain is taken into consideration in trying to determine the cause. If the pain is generalized, meaning it hurts in at least half of the stomach, it can be the result of an illness. This type of pain often goes away on its own. The pain is often caused by an upset stomach or indigestion.

Pain that begins as cramping and becomes worse may be a symptom of an intestinal blockage. This happens when part of the small or large intestine is blocked or becomes twisted or sometimes just quits working. Symptoms that accompany the pain are vomiting, constipation, and a distended stomach as well as pain.

Localized pain occurs when it is in just one part of the stomach. If this pain starts suddenly and becomes worse, it can be an indication of a serious problem. Sometimes the pain will begin as generalized and become localized. Appendicitis is one example. Pain from other stomach problems such as an ulcer or gallbladder problem generally begins and stays in the same area.

Finding the Cause of the Pain

If a physician is consulted there are several tests they may use to determine the cause of pain and other symptoms. If they believe the problem is in the digestive tract, the stomach, or the upper area of the small intestine, they might order an endoscopy. This is a procedure using an endoscope. An endoscope is a tube that is flexible and has a camera and light attached. This allows the doctor to see photos of the area being examined on a television monitor.

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