Improvement Of The Symptoms Of Menopausal Transition

Daily intake of pink bark supplement can help you to reduce the symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats during menopause. Measured by the Women’s Health Questionnaire (WHQ); they saw significant reductions in the scores of menopause symptoms. Pycnogenol, simply a combination of bioflavonoids, procyanidins and organic acids is included in seven hundred dietary supplements or above. It does not create any kind of hormonal effect on women during this period.

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The use of this herbal product decreases hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, mood swings, irregular periods and vaginal dryness. Millions of women have got the effective results of this herbal product during menopause. In the early years doctors used to prescribe Premarin, a not so effective drug which women stayed in the consumption for years. Later Women’s Health Study found an alternative way and that is what today known as Pycnogenol. It has been well publicized because of the soothing effects for the women struggling with menopausal symptoms.

Extract from French Maritime Pine

Pycnogenol review for menopause reports that Mediterranean pine bark extract eases a vasomotor symptom, which is known as the hot flashes. Atrial with randomized double blind placebo found that Pycnogenol significantly improved a lot treating such situation. In a study of eight weeks involving with women during menopause, daily hundred milligrams of this supplement was executed. Result had shown a maximum decrease in the most commonly experienced symptoms.
This supplement became a rage in the world of nutrition. But when it comes to raw product it is a bit expensive and thus there are some greedy people who try to take shortcut and falls in the trap of developing side effects. There are some products available online which are very inexpensive and at the same not so effective and illegal too. It is recommended to research a lot over the internet when you are buying the product. Legal and original product can be purchased through one of the trusted site through
Safety measures for this unique item
The only side effects that are seen in some cases are the stomach upset and nausea. Though the stomach upset is due to its typical taste and that is why it is told to have with or after meals. These are very minimal side effects that occur for them who are taking it for the first time. It is not for a long time but only for a short lived starting period. When it comes to any pregnant women, she should always consult with a health physician about the consumption of the product.
Patients should stop the usage for minimum of two weeks before undergoing any surgeries. Thus a user should maintain strict protocol to get the effective results. Pycnogenol review for menopause suggests that this herbal product has a promising future, basically as a preventive and adjunct treatment for many health related issues. Its potential effects appear to sideline and outweigh it negative issues as very few conflicting causes has been reported. One who is opting for the use or already using this herbal ingredient will definitely feel worth following.