Tips For Easing Your Fear Of A Dentist Visit

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Millions of Americans avoid going to the dentist each and every year because of fear. They fear what they will find out and also fear the process of getting their teeth fixed. However, avoiding the dentist is a sure way to have more teeth pain that gets worse and worse. There are many things you can do to help ease your fear of visiting Park Slope dentists, such as the ones found at Below are some of those tips to try.


If you have a fear of your dentist, one of the best things you can do is speak with them about your fears. Let them know what about a visit causes you anxiety. A good dentist will work with you to overcome those fears and figure out the best way to approach your care without stressing you out too much. Good communication between your dentist and yourself will help you feel more informed about the process and let you feel more in control of the situation.


If one of your main fears about the dentist is all of the loud and scary sounds from the drills and machines, bring some tunes to listen to. Most dentists will not have any issue from this, especially if it helps to keep you calm while they work on you.

Breathing Techniques

Another great tip to help you get through your dental visits is to practice some calming breathing techniques. When people are in stressful situations and are nervous, they tend to hold their breath too much. This can end up causing more anxiety and can increase your level of panic. Just like with some popular meditation techniques, using slow and very focused breathing can help you to reduce your levels of stress.

In order to cope with visiting the dentist, you can try a few of these great tips mentioned. The key is to make sure you still visit the dentist before things get worse and you end up needing to make extra visits or get more work done than you would have beforehand.