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Legal status of Anabolic steroids in Canada

Buying steroids in Canada is not an easy task as the Canadian laws are quite strict when it comes to purchase and use of steroids. To buy steroids in Canada you need to have a valid prescription along with you. When you wish to buy a decent quantity of steroids then it is mandatory for you to show your prescription to get your hand on them. However it is absolutely legal for a person in Canada to possess anabolic steroids. Thus the main point is that you are allowed to buy and own anabolic steroids but you need to have with you a valid prescription for buying it or importing it. Purchasing steroids without a prescription is illegal and can land a person in much trouble for doing so. Hence, always check for the legal status of Anabolic steroids before buying.

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The US is quite strict when it comes to buying or possessing steroids and one can even land up in a legal problem if they are found having steroids in their possession whereas the laws in UK are quite liberal when it comes to steroids. A person is free to buy them for his personal use but is not permitted to sell them to someone else without proper licensing. Canadian laws are moderate and somewhere in between two extremities. A person will not be held guilty and prosecuted for owning a set quantity of anabolic steroids but if he is caught buying them without a prescription then he will fall in trouble. Those people purchasing steroids with prescription prefer to keep a low key about the source from where they are buying as the law force might find some loopholes and create trouble for those people who are purchasing after having a valid prescription.

Who can buy steroids?

Bodybuilders usually buy steroids from stores legally as they have a doctor’s prescription with them. The main reason why bodybuilders feel the need for consuming steroids is because their bodies do not produce the same level of testosterone as they used to earlier. Hence they bank on steroids so as to maintain and regulate their hormones in levels. Doctors in Canada understand the need for steroids by Bodybuilders and prescribe them with the required steroids in a prescription. This makes it quite easy for such people to get their hands on steroids without having any legal issues.

Another class of people who can purchase steroids with prescription are those who have muscle and joint pains and aches. Such patients are prescribed steroids by their doctors where the quantity of steroids is not as much as those required by bodybuilders but sufficient enough to heal their ailments.  Some natural dietary supplements are available which consists of those ingredients which gave similar effects as steroids. Such supplements can be sold and bought legally and Canadian law does not impose any restrictions on such supplements. A few protein shakes are available as well which are supplemented with doses of natural steroid ingredients and these can be freely consumed by people and is totally legal in the eyes of Canadian law as it does not require injecting by needles.