Most Risky Jobs

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Remember that photo of all the construction workers having lunch on the skyscraper? If that photo makes your skin crawl, think about all the dangerous jobs that exist. Are you brave enough to take on a job that could potentially kill you?

Window Cleaners

Like it or not, it has to be done. Professional window cleaners put themselves at risk for their job every single day. Climbing on scaffolding and hoisting themselves hundreds or thousands of feet to get windows clean is no small feat. Window cleaning Ponte Vedra Beach FL or in downtown Seattle, it’s a risk.


Being exposed for eight hours a day to live wires and sparks might not sound like fun, but there’s a reason that a license is required to do this job. Thankfully safety is a value in the electrical trade; of the 625,000 electricians employed in the United States, approximately 175 deaths occur each year in the industry. It’s unfortunate for death to occur at all, but this equates to only 0.028% of all electricians in the country.


Falling trees and branches are a hazard while you’re doing yard work, but loggers face this reality every day at their jobs. Between working with specialized equipment, navigating through tough terrain and dealing with the elements, the dangers of this profession seem endless.

Waste and Recycling Collectors

Any job that requires a CDL is a dangerous one but think about the materials that people in this profession come into contact with every day: Hypodermic needles, chunks of sharp metal and glass, and machinery inside the trucks that could potentially crush them. It takes more guts to pick up trash and recycling than most people give it credit for!

You might think your job is no fun, but when compared to these dangerous, life-threatening professions, you will probably think twice. Say what you will about the cold coffee and lack of Post-Its; at least you are safe at your workplace!