Protecting Your Family With A Ballistic Shield

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Protecting your loved ones could be the most important job you ever have. You never know what situations you might find yourself in. It’s a good idea to be prepared for anything. Ballistic shields are a great addition to any home defense strategy.

Using a shield goes beyond standard armoring. You get the advantage of putting a strong barrier between you and threats. It’s no wonder why so many riot police rely on shields. They protect you from gunfire, debris, and various physical harm. Innovation in self defense is always expanding. That makes these type of products more accessible to people like you.

What Can Ballistic Shields Do For You?

Ballistic shields are often used in crowd-control situations by the military. They protect the user from active shooters that are using various grades of ammunition. These types of shields are typically much stronger than a standard riot shield.

They are typically designed to deflect all types of projectiles. That normally includes thrown objects as well. There are many types of shields available to consumers. Some products include viewing ports, spotlights, and wheel-based frames.

Handheld shields are among the most commonly used. It adds convenient cover to the user in tense situations where the attackers might not be visible. It also aids defense in close-quarters where finding natural cover might not be possible.

Knowing Where To Start When Looking For A Ballistic Shield

Starting off with a lightweight shield might be the best option for the average person. You’ll want a product that’s easy to maneuver when you find yourself needing it. American Personal Shields is an example of a company that manufactures a lightweight ballistic shield.

Look for a product that suits you. Make sure that the weight of the ballistic shield is going to be easy for you to carry. Pay close attention to the size to ensure that it will give you the cover you’ll need. It could be a life-saving addition to your home.