Quirky Meat Recipes

Tired of eating the same old chicken pasta, lamb chops or seafood dishes? Of course, you can’t have Jamie Oliver or Wolfgang Puck serve you five star dishes, neatly plated and rich with aroma. What you can do is buy the plethora of meat we at Liciousdeliver at your doorstep within 90 minutes, and whip up some of these insanely quirky, yet delicious recipes. You can even buy crab meat at Licious!


7-Up Chicken

Yep! You read that right. All you’ll need is two cups of 7-Up, 1 cup soy sauce, 1 table spoon of horseradish, minced garlic, a cup of oil and of course, chicken breasts. Buy raw chicken online at Licious. You will have to mix all the ingredients together and pour it over the chicken (be sure to poke holes in it before hand). Marinade eight hours overnight and grill the chicken.

Tah Chin

This is a beautiful and aromatic Persian dish of layered lamb meat and rice. It may look like a cake from the outside but don’t be deceived, as the crunchy out crust and soft rice accompanied by the lamb fillet is irresistible.

You will need to sauté finely chopped parsley, onions and garlic until sticky. Then add the lamb and cook until light brown after which you must add cumin and coriander and garlic. You then must add a cube of lamb stock and water and bring it to boil. Cover the lid and let it cook for 1.5 hours.

After it’s cooked, boil away the remaining water until the gravy is left.

Cook the rice in a pan of salted water, but not so much that the grains of rice lose their bite.

Mix the rice with yoghurt, egg and lemon juice and pack it into the base of a casserole brushed with butter on the sides. Layer it with the lamb gravy and cover it with more rice on top. Essentially you will have a rice-gravy-rice layer which you will have to bake for one hour at 190 degrees Celsius or until you see the rice turn light brown.

Over turn it on a serving plate and garnish it with pomegranate seeds and serve with a yoghurt on the side.

Donuts With Ricotta Cheese And Smoked Salmon

This Italian dish takes quirky meat recipes to another level.

Keep aside sourdough the night before you want to make this dish. The next day, melt it with water in the kneader and add salt, flour and malt. For the freshest buy online, fish at Licious is the tastiest! Finely chop the salmon and add the sifted ricotta cheese.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil and chives to this mixture and continue kneading. After it has become soft and smooth, wrap it in plastic and leave it for a few hours.

Then place the dough on a floured surface and roll it own with a rolling pin. With a pizza cutter, cut out long strips and weave it in pairs into a ring. Leave it aside to rise for another hour. Then bake it at 180 degrees in the oven until it turns light brown.

And there you have your unique salmon and ricotta cheese donuts!

Bon appétit!