Remove The Frustration of Working With Shallow Water

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A Painstaking Job

For years, there have been numerous inventions and innovations in keeping large rivers, lakes, and oceans cleaner and free from debris. Transport over these large bodies of water has also just been as easy as new equipment and machinery has been made to make the transport from land to water smooth and efficient. However, when it came to shallow water, there was an absolute lack of any equipment that could get the job done. As such, those in the transport business had to take on the extra cost to constantly switch from water to land, and then back to water, and then back to land. This is not only a costly solution but a time-consuming one as well.

For those whose jobs revolve around clearing the shallow water of debris and ensuring that it is clean and flowing properly, they found similar frustrations. Bigger waterways allowed for machines that could do most of the work for them, cutting down on time considerably. For shallow water, that just wasn’t possible. Until the amphibious dredger was born that is.

The Answer To All Your Problems

By necessity, this machine was born out of Finland which contains over 200,000 lakes. As such, they know their water, and they know the painstaking cost of keeping the shallow water areas clean and flowing for transport, recreation, and to ensure it combats flooding. The Watermaster dredger is an amphibious vessel that is self-propelled and can easily transfer from land to water and from water to land. You don’t have to use a crane or any other vehicle to perform the transition. One man can easily pilot the vessel along the shallow water, performing the job as necessary. All the Watermaster requires is a standard trailer to take it to the shallow water in question.

From there, it walks itself to the water and does all of the hard work for you. Kiss those frustrated situations goodbye with the Watermaster vessel.