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Are you looking for a game which connects you with nature aren’t you? In your life Games plays an important role aren’t they? Games help in improving the mental and physical skills. Nowadays people are addictive to games and also helps in getting relief from the pain. So because of this, it’s important to choose the right game. The game is like a life as it keeps on going till you gets out and in life, it would be smooth for you till you give up on your life. Games help in maintaining a healthy soul and as well as the mind.


Jump down is a game available on Google play store. This jump down games developer is Tran Hunn Tam. This game reminds the nature and animal as a whole game made around nature only. This game also connects with the Twitter, game centre, Facebook etc. This game is quite simple to play and the high score is made by collecting the food to boost up the score. This game app also controls the animals from the free fall. The language of this game in English and its size is 63MB. The rating given by the Google play store is four.

How it works

The jump down is in rich visual effect. As we know that while the game is around nature and animals. Simply by touching the up and down button, you can control and male a high score in this game.

  • The up button is to jump up
  • The down button is to go down

If you want to run this app on your phone to play so it requires android of 4.3 and up. The updated version of this jump down is 1.1.0

Features of jump down

  • The developer had made a leaderboards so that you will able to see the of your friends as well, when you will connect it to Facebook, game center.
  • The theme is a little bit changed and now it’s having some adventure as well .
  • The developer keep on making various changes and this only result in updated animation
  • The music has also been added in this jump down game

In this game, there is action and adventure while going up and down, as a result, it’s totally an addictive game and you would definitely think of how time gets pass.

There are unlimited challenges in this game and by winning those challenges you would be getting coins as a reward.

The jump down game doesn’t require an internet connection to play this game because it’s totally free and it would be free in future as well, so you can easily enjoy this game without any problem. The developer made this game similar to the video games we use to go play in PC aren’t we? The ratings of this game in the play store are 3+ and above. Jump down is easy to play and there is no need to get the extra knowledge to play this game on your Android. But it’s having a disadvantage that it’s not compatible with io7, iPhone, iPod touch etc.

Down connecting you with Facebook as well so that you can post your score on Facebook, game centre and also helps in making friends through this jump down the game.

Attractive game

It’s a casual game and you can play when you have nothing to doThe name itself tells, what game is all about. Whenever you feel bored just play this game and your boredom gets totally over. There is no need to apply any logic in this game, for boosting up the score of yours. The developer keeps on adding a new feature to this game and also reply to each, who all have mentioned their comments on Google play store, because of this the jump down five-star rating is given to this game. You would definitely be addictive to this game because of the unique features present in this jump down the game.With few taps, you can play this game and enjoy the bumpy type ride by this game. Including adventure, action in it. Jump down having a feature of controlling the person by you and making him going up and down and boosting the score at a higher level.

So it’s a time to download the game from Google play store and enjoy it. The smoothness of this game, which makes you addictive to this game and there is no need to search for other games in place of this because it added the best feature to their jump down the game. So don’t waste time just download it, you don’t think so this game is good aren’t you? The updated features would definitely force you to play this game, as a result, it doesn’t require an internet connection as well. So no barrier would come between you and game so Get Jump Down.


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