Top Recumbent Bikes priced between above $1000

Getting a recumbent bike at home is a great idea to stay fit and healthy without the help of a gym. But before getting a recumbent bike, there are a number of features and points that one should surely take care of. Though there are a number of recumbent bikes available below $1000, but if you are willing to have something with various innovative features, them it is ideal to invest in a recumbent bike that ranges above $1000. Of course again it is not necessary that an expensive bike will be the best, it is also important to check the features. Some of the features that your recumbent bike should have are:

  • Adjustable seat and adjustable handle
  • Good numbers of levels and workout programs
  • Proper console to have display of various information details such as time, calories, heart rate and others

These are just a few standard features that a good recumbent bike should have. Bikes available at a price above $1000 often have many more special features to make your workout out session not only safe but also a comfortable one.

Here are 5 best recumbent bikes listed that are priced above $1000.

HCI Fitness PhysioStep Recumbent Elliptical with Swivel Seat

The recumbent bike features a comfortable swivel seat that can easily rotate at 90 degrees and can be adjusted accordingly. Not only the seat, even the seat back and the handles are adjustable as per requirement. The high resolution LCD monitor displays 8 windows for various data. There are 16 workout levels and 12 programs to select from. Inbuilt heart rate program allows you to track heart rate without a chest strap. With so many features, the bike has been priced at $2,999.

Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

Sole is the brand that is known to offer some of the best recumbent bikes. This bike has been priced at $1,499 and features 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs along with 2 more heart rate monitoring programs. The bike weighs about 157 pounds and is capable of carrying maximum weight of about 350 pounds. It also features sound system that is compatible to MP3 and a water bottle holder.

Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike from the brand Precor is priced somewhere around $4000 and has a ventilated seat back that is also adjustable for comfort. The bike features step-through design for easy mounting and demounting the bike. Other features of the bike are dual-sided pedals and also telemetry heart rate tracking. The console has numeric keypad and supports various languages.

Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike

Priced at about $2,399, this recumbent bike supports maximum user weight of about 350 pounds. It features steel frame and 20 levels of workout. Some of the standard features that the bike has are wrap-around seat, walk-through design, cup and bottle holder, large display console, cooling fans heart rate monitoring program along with other programs.

Steelflex CR-1 Commercial Indoor Cardio Exercise Recumbent bike

This particular recumbent bike from Steelflex is priced at $2,099 and features LED monitor with 3 window display. There are 8 programs that include the standard programs along with heart rate monitor program and also tension control program. The bike features also towel rack, accessory storage and a bottle holder.


It is said that expensive items are best because they are expensive. But still when buying a recumbent bike, it is always better to check in the features, even if the bike is priced somewhere that is above $1,000 or more. If you are confused, above 5 recumbent bikes can be tried upon with their special features.