The Power of Power Supplies for Your Data Products

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Data is the king of the 21st century. Be it your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or football statistics, it can all be found with the click of a mouse button. Well, as long as the data centers have power.

No Power = No Business

Without a proper backup for your data or power, much can be lost during an outage. In addition, it can immediately affect tens of millions of people. In late 2018, a lightning strike one of Microsoft’s server farms resulted in an outage of numerous networked applications for hours.

While it may not be as drastic, a loss of power at your location can result in problems. Mainly, a loss of data that can’t be recovered. Therefore, if you don’t have any already, you need to look into power protection products for your data storage.

Where to Find Them?

While there are many companies that sell power supplies, you want to look at those who deal exclusively with them. Organizations like R&D Data Products make technology organization their focus. Thus, they have a better grasp of your needs. In addition, they can let you know what’s too little or too much.

They do this with an examination of three items: your equipment, your customers, and your Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) needs. In the end, what type of equipment you have isn’t as high on the list as to how you sell products.

If the majority of transactions are done at a brick-and-mortar site, then the power supplies will simply be used to keep your servers running. On the other hand, if most of your items are sold via a website, then a more diverse UPS is needed. In addition to a battery that covers more hours, the UPS is needed to maintain power to the servers and your network.

Ready to take that next step into data protection? Contact a technology organization company in your area to come out and see your setup. After a review, they’ll recommend a power protection plan that is not only within your budget but keeps you going once the lights go out.