Things To Consider When Searching For A Land For Sale in Chennai


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It is easy to find a land for sale in Chennai. But, finding the best one may seem a bit tedious. However, by taking into consideration a few simple steps, you can surely end up with a deal rightly based on your personal preference.

Chennai is presently one of the fastest growing real estate markets in India. With brand new projects being elevated in the city, the graph is only expected to rise higher in the days to come. In case you are one of those planning to find a permanent residence in Chennai, you may have already shortlisted on the type of property you intend to buy. Although the city offers some of the best property options rightly based on your budget, chances are you may know too little about property-buying, especially if you are a first-time buyer. So, below is a check-list that is sure to make things a lot easier when buying a property in Chennai.

Current property value

No matter if you are looking for a land for sale in Chennai or a lavishly designed apartment, it is recommended that you take into consideration the current property rates of the area in question. An expert real estate agent can surely help you out with the task. Also, an online research can further add up to your knowledge.

The authenticity

Once you have shortlisted a few property options, it’s time to check their authenticity. Find out if the builder has the legal right to sell the land or the property in question. Ensure that all the documents are clear. Also, a verification of the builder’s past projects is good enough to prove his authenticity. Often builders come up with some highly lucrative schemes. If you come across schemes that seem to be too good to be true, make sure to carry out a double check.

Calculate the Total Cost and the Size

Often brokers only mention the basic cost and hardly touch upon other factors such as service tax, preferential location charges, etc. Inquire about the final cost of the property. Also, builders usually mention the super built-up area, which includes areas like lobbies, staircase, etc. However, they refrain from talking about the carpet area which is around 30 percent less when compared to the super build-up area. Therefore, always consider the carpet area.

Pick the right location

When buying a land, it is recommended that you choose a location based on the purpose you intend to purchase the land for. For instance, if you plan to set up a commercial office, ensure that the land is located in a commercial hub, but not too far away from residential locations.

Connectivity matter

How well is the area connected to other locations in the city? This is one question you need to get an answer to before buying a property in Chennai. Ensure that the location is rightly connected to all the major spots like schools, colleges, shopping centers, etc. Above all, an efficient transportation system is what largely decides the price of the land you intend to buy.

Several property ads may talk about the futuristic infrastructure developments that will add up to your comfort. Make sure to investigate into the authenticity of such claims before you sign above the dotted lines.