Three Fun Ways to Preserve Memories with Your Loved Ones

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Making memories with your loved ones is the ultimate reason to live a good, healthy life. Why? Because love is the end-all be-all. Ergo, when you make loving memories, you’re filling your life with happiness and contentment.

The question is, “how do you go about preserving those memories—photographic or otherwise?” This article should give you a few ideas, or at least inspire you to come up with neat-o memory preservers of your own.

Create a Website or Personal Cloud with Your Own Written or Photographed Memories

Sometimes the best memories are relived through photographs or notes and/or stories that you have personally taken or written down. You can create a family website or your own personal blog space, where loved ones can share in your memories and reminisce. Or, you can keep these memories private and cherished with an upload to a personal cloud [with extra storage space for future memories].

Use a Social Media Network, like Facebook or Instagram, to Document Your Memories

Social media networks are big deals in today’s world because they allow hundreds of thousands of people to connect and communicate with one another. Facebook and Instagram are the current superstars of the interwebs, but you can be sure the digital age will add more to the list before the online world fizzles out.

If you live a public life in the open, share your memories via status updates with stories and pictures posted to your social media networks. Just be diligent in following internet safety guidelines, like keeping your address private.

Tip: Record the voices of your loved ones with things like digital transcription equipment to add another depth to your memory-making.

Go Old-School with Letters of Memories for Future Generations—Passed Down like Stories

Have you ever opened a shoebox or dresser drawers after someone passes away, only to discover a few old letters? These are beautiful memories. And sometimes you get lucky enough to find a journal or letters addressed directly to different loved ones. Take a note from this classy storytelling method and start racking up memories via written letters for your own generations.

Side note: You can also use hand-me-downs as a method for keeping your memories alive through your family’s generations. For instance, a handmade quilt carries hundreds of memories with it when passed from one person to another over generational bridges.