Types of Damage to Look For After a Hail Storm

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If a hail storm has struck your area, your house or property may have sustained various forms of damage. Whether you’re dealing with a damaged roof or a destroyed vehicle, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect your property and belongings in the aftermath of a storm to detect any possible forms of harm. Here are some of the most common types of hail damage to keep an eye out for after a hail storm.

Damaged Vehicle

Cars and other types of vehicles can be highly susceptible to damage from a hail storm. In some cases, the damage is cosmetic, such as scratched paint or a dent. However, more serious cases that affect the vehicle’s internal features may require extensive hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO. Regardless of the nature of damage to your vehicle, be sure to address it as soon as possible to allow it to recover properly.

Damaged Siding

If you experienced a particularly severe hail storm, the damage to your home’s siding may be evident. In less extreme situations, the damage may still be present, even if it isn’t immediately visible. Be sure to look closely for any cracks, dents, chipped paint, holes or splatter marks. Any of these signs of damage can be a direct result of a hail storm event.

Damaged Gutters

When a hail storm targets your property, it typically causes damage to your gutters or downspouts. If you come across any types of harm in these areas, be sure to take care of them immediately. Damage to gutters and downspouts usually comes in the form of small dents, so be sure to pay close attention to these types of hail damage.

Damage after a hail storm can come in many forms. If you give your home the attention it needs after the weather event, you can help it recover fully from the damage.