Want to Surprise your wife with iPad she wanted? Here is an Easy way out

Want to Surprise your wife with iPad she wanted? Here is an Easy way out.jpg

Your anniversary is just 2 months away and you still haven’t been able to decide what to gift to your wife. You are in trouble. But jokes apart, there is one thing that you clearly remember. Your wife drooling over the iPad that one of her friends recently used to show her holiday pictures.

So wouldn’t it be a great way to surprise her? By gifting the iPad she really wants but doesn’t tell you? It seems like a good option.

But the iPad model that you plan to gift your wife costs a bomb. Around Rs 75,000. Now that’s a problem. You don’t have that much money saved up. You also can’t buy it if you spend your entire month’s salary. So what to do?

There is a way out. Take a small personal loan. Since there are no restrictions on the use of the money, you can use it to buy the iPad.

Now assuming you can part-pay Rs 25,000 for it from your savings, then you just need to take a loan of Rs 50,000. And depending on the final rate that you get on the loan, your EMI for 12 months will be somewhere around Rs 4500. That is totally manageable.

And think of it, by just paying a couple of thousands extra (in form of interest), you are able to bring a big smile on your wife’s face. Isn’t it totally worth it?

Loans need not be just big ones (like home or car loans). These can even be small ones. They say that life is made up of small joys. And so if a small personal loan can help you bring joy to your loved one, then why not go for it? That too when it has become so easy to get personal loans online.

But having said that, make sure you don’t go overboard with taking loans. Always and only borrow what you can comfortably repay back with ease.