What Freelance Writers Want to Know About Contentmart

In this IOT(Internet f Things) Generation many online businesses, websites, firms  are increasing daily in millions, so they are all rely on content to drive their ideas to reach the consumers. It means there’s a great need for expert and professional writers. Though their needs may differ like having few landing pages, niche sites, blog posts or any other related to their business.


But for many hiring a full-time web content copywriters doesn’t seem necessary, as their demand for constant supply of content isn’t steady enough or the price for writers is too high for them.

That’s where freelancers come in they’re the on full-demand for the rising content needs. Companies turn to writers for blog posts, articles, academic writings, seo, case studies, white papers, content marketing needs, copy writings etc., but also leverage them for grant work, website pages, ghostwriting articles or speeches, technical writing, write ups, email campaigns and newsletters.

 Although there are many content providers out in the market, Contentmartstands out among them. So now what’s up! It’s time for all those freelancer writers to place their bids and grasp their part of business available for them. They can make enough money for their hard work. Yes Contentmart is one such kind of best platform for all those looking forcontent writing jobsout there, as it is growing its clients day by day.

Contentmart has done all the homework to answer many problems for both the clients and freelancer writers in India.

Good news: There are a lot of freelance writers out there. And, well, that’s also bad news.

The massive pool of talented writers works for your benefitwhile competing with each other on rates and deadlines. Contentmart lets you be the one to take advantage their platform while providing the best features like placing bids, no premium memberships, excellent support system, transparent communication system etc.,



Placing Bids: Like many other platforms, there is no restriction for placing bids per person and day. This is a huge Bonanza which lets each of the writers to reach as many as clients and earn money.

Memberships: There are no special memberships which hold special orders; every order is available to everyone in the platform. Which actually turn benefits for clients also, so that they may get wide variety of information by many with less cost.

Communication System: Freelance writers work remotely, so at the start it’s wise to establish expectations for communication methods. One of the remarkable features of the Contentmart is its chat messenger, which keeps everything very transparent to both the client and writer to share their views and helps in quickly communicate with each other.

Automated payments of 3000 rupees is minimum payout, you will be paid directly by the client with only 10% commission for content writers in India. And on every Thursday when you reach your payment threshold you can request for payout.

Quick Support ContentMart provides best support through their, telephone, forum and ticket system which actually a blessing for freelancers in need.