What is coconut water and why is it so popular today?

Popular with the locals in tropical area, coconut water has only recently grown in popularity with the Westerners. The popularity of this refreshing coconut drink has been soaring high with various celebrities and influential people either spotted drinking one or caught raving about its benefits.

The juice inside young coconuts is known as coconut water. A part of the palm family, the coconuts, and contrary to the name are not botanical nuts like the chestnuts or hazelnuts we consume. Coconut tree is known as the ‘Tree of life’ in Asia due to its varied uses in providing for shelter, food, and fuel.

The coconut water is called liquid endosperm whereas the flesh inside the coconut fruit is known as endosperm. The water is of no use to industries producing copra using coconut fruits and is thus thrown away despite its many benefits. When brewed for long enough, you may produce coconut wine while simple fermentation would produce vinegar. Coconut water can also be used as a laxative, or as a dextrose substitute in order to hydrate.

Discovered in Philippines, a modern and advanced use of coconut water is to use it to dissolve urinary stones present in the urinary tract. Known as Bukolysis (Buko – the local name of the fruit and Lysis- to describe the process), this medical process is a breakthrough study that says that consumption of one coconut water each day will prevent building of stones preexisting stones may dissolve in a cheap yet effective manner on following this treatment.

Being a thirst quencher, coconut water is popular on beaches, tourist spots and highways. It is now also sold packed in bottles, cans, and tetra packs however the popularity of fresh coconuts cut in front of the customer remains maximum. Not only does it guarantee the cleanliness and freshness of the juice but also testifies absence of preservatives. Coconut water is also an organic sports drink due to its high potassium content besides many more minerals and naturals salts and sugar.

Coconut water is not just nutritious but also healthier compared to processed drinks like infant mil or whole milk. It is extremely low in calories, cholesterol and fat. It contains lauric acid, which is a healthy component of breast milk too. Coconut water is recorded for being used for transfusion, as it is sterile. It is suitable for intravenous infusion as it is noted to have the same plasma concentration as human blood.

Generous use of coconut trees is made in countries where they are present in abundance. Often, the trees are used from roots to leaves. The benefits of coconut make it extremely valuable, though very few studies have testified for the claims of health benefits. However, people claim to have experienced miracles recovering from illnesses due to coconut juice. Coconut water is thus not only a refreshing organic drink but has medicinal values to it too.