Why Is Chemistry Important For Students?

Chemical pouring into test tube

Chemistry- It is a subject that deals with physical science. Chemistry is a study of the interrelationship between the matter and energy. It is a methodology to research and learn about the characteristics, properties, chemical and physical changes that occur in the matter. Also, it is a subject solicited with the formation, properties and constitution of matter.

Chemistry is also called as ‘Central Science’ because it bridges the gap between the other branches of Science. Like – Physics, Biology, Environmental Science and Geology. It is very important for the students to study the subject of ‘Chemistry’. Many students might not be aware of the fact, that who discovered proton? The answer to that is, Ernest Rutherford. Hence, it is significant for the students to know the gravity of the subject. This article takes you through a few points that prove the importance of chemistry.

  • Chemistry helps the students to understand the world around them. A few students might be curious about certain things. Like – Why is a leaf green in colour? Why is the sand in different colours?
  • Chemistry is the centre of environmental problems. To know a few chemical reactions that is hampering the environment, one must learn chemistry.
  • If you learn and comprehend the basic fundamentals of the subject Chemistry, that would become easy to understand a few complex formulas, concepts etc.,
  • Learning chemistry is fun. But, challenging at the same time. Students find it easy to learn and remember the atomic number of all the chemical elements and they enjoy studying it. And, a few students find it fun in their lab sessions; by doing various types of experiments.

These are a few key importance of Chemistry for the students. If you have your basics strong, then you will definitely find the subject easy and you tend to enjoy it. To know more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel –