Why People Should Use Amwell If They’re Looking For Online Therapy

Online therapy is a proven method to be effective like face to face therapy sessions, and the benefits realized in the modern era are being realized by more and more people. However, to some people, traditional therapy is their way because they have not yet experienced the freedom associated with online therapy.

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However, a time will come when you need a fast and easy way for you to access therapy services to help you with the issues that weigh you down. In fact, that time has probably already come. If that’s the case, then you might have already heard about AmWell online counseling. They are one of the largest therapy providers on the internet, with both doctors and therapists available.

If you’re weary about online therapy, it’s understandable. Studies have shown that the results are unclear to how effective it really is. So then why are people turning to therapy online? Here are just a few of the reasons why most people look for online therapy:

1. Larger Sections Of Therapists

People don’t want to limit themselves to their geographical area. With online therapy, they have a chance to choose licensed therapists from all over the country, and even the world (depending on which therapy service they choose). It is difficult to find a local therapist, and one which is good for you. Therapeutic success is not a given, offline or online. The difference is that it is very easy to switch therapists online.

2. Comfort and Anxiety

When you see a therapist over the internet, your comfort level rises while your anxiety level drops. You will be a lot more comfortable opening up to a therapist online, who will likely understand your background a lot quicker than a therapist in an office setting. This will help to reduce your anxiety level as well, which will make your sessions that much better and enjoyable. In the end, you have a better chance of seeing real success than offline. Remember, many people end up not even going into their therapists office due to stigmas and fears associated with therapy. There are simply some sensitive topics that some people are not comfortable to handle face-to-face with their therapist.

3. Scheduling Flexibility And Time-Saving

The other reason why people would prefer to take online therapy sessions is to save time and have a flexible schedule. For example, if you are driving towards your therapy appointment and there’s an accident on the way, you might end up missing your session.

If you take online sessions, this will eliminate your worries. Moreover, you won’t have to cancel your therapy sessions when you have a cold and are not interested in affecting other people.

4. Avoiding Dual Relationships

In the field of counseling, the term “dual relationship” means to have another relationship such as a relationship with your counselor outside of the therapeutic relationship. Don’t laugh – it’s apparently a real thing. Naturally, it’s problematic and is something that people prefer avoiding as much as possible.

In small towns, it becomes hard for people to escape from this kind of dual relationship. When you use teletherapy, it’s a lot easier to avoid these problematic situations.

5. Ability To Participate In Family or Couples Counseling From a Distance

When people try to schedule face-to-face therapy sessions for couples or families, counseling becomes challenging. However, it becomes impossible when one or a group of people travels. The only possible solution left for counseling is to take online sessions that will help in bridging distances and also maintain regular counseling sessions.


If you go the online therapy route under the right circumstances, it can be very effective, even more so than the traditional counseling model. If you also know what type of therapy you need (i.e. depression therapy), then it becomes easier for you to get help and locate the best therapist that you are looking.