Why should you get a travel adapter?

Do you often travel abroad? Do you wish to talk to your family back at home? Do you fancy taking pictures? Then it’s time that you get a travel adapter. Because a travel adapter will never let you down even when your battery is running low. Isn’t it awesome? If you’re in the habit of visiting foreign countries, carrying a travel adapter would be an absolute necessity. Let me explain why.

Suppose you visit a country that operates on the same voltage as your native country. However, you go on to find out that the electrical outlets are different from their counterparts in your country. Now what do you do? You should know the kind of electrical receptacle and the voltage of the country beforehand. This way, you naturally know which travel adapter would suit you best. On the other hand, there are quite a few travel adapters which comply with international standards. It would do you good if you can get hold of one of these.

Are transformers and adapters the same?

No. Transformers and adapters serve entirely different purposes. You can’t use a transformer in place of an adapter, or vice versa. Now let’s find out why.

An adapter consists of a male plug and a female plug. A male plug is the one that corresponds to the shape of a ‘foreign’ outlet. Whereas a female plug will match the male plug of your mobile phone (or your camera or your laptop). This is how an adapter works and facilitates you to recharge batteries of your appliances. It is important to note that adapters don’t function by converting current or transforming voltage. What they do is instead is pretty simple and all they do is to let you connect your gadget to the wall outlet.

But what about transformers? Now that you have an idea about how adapters work, let’s divulge transformers. Many a time, the voltage requirement of the charger that you’re using differs from the power that is being supplied. And therein lays the need for transformers. Or what else would you do when your charger calls for 110 volts but the power supply is 220 volts. You’ll need a transformer which uses an input power of 220 volts and an output of 110 volts. Transformers are not so much in vogue these days because laptops and computers come prepared with multi-voltage capability.

You’re convinced that you need an adapter, aren’t you? Therefore, I’m now going to tell you where you can buy one. You can either order an adapter online or you can find one at a nearby travel store or luggage store. Adapters are also available at electronic supplies store. Although technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, there still remain vast differences between countries. If you’re fond of roaming around the globe, you should attend to such differences before you set foot in a distant and unfamiliar land. Point is, when you’re travelling overseas – you should do your share of research so as to collect advance information which will enable you to enjoy a great trip!